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Leedskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder in Electic form

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after years of experimentation using magnetism in perpetual loops

Passing these currents through non-magnetic materials
and even inductive materials

It stands to reason the possibility of developing a perpetual
'Electric current' or rather a perpetual magnetic current through
an inductive material loop.

How is this possible?
As we know, placing an insulator or inductor in a perpetual magnetic
current for extended periods of time, imparts a degree of magnetism
to these non magnetic materials.

If an inductive loop be made of a material altered in this way
and a perpetual magnetic current then be established
We should expect to see a perpetual inductive force.
Or a Permanent Electric Holder. (PEH)


--- Quote from: webby1 on February 24, 2017, 08:19:42 PM ---A little confused here,,

I take it that you are not talking about the dielectric between the plates of a capacitor or how that works,, but rather something different?

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I mean quite literally, an electric modality of the PMH

What is a PMH?  This is a continuous electromagnetic
flux loop, established as the magnetic propagation of current
through a loop of ferrous material.
It was first presented by Ed Leedskalnin- builder of Coral Castle.
Described in his book: Magnetic Currents
In this book are a series of electric and magnetic experiments
that display effects not understood by modern theory.

One of these experiments is the Perpetual Motion Holder (PMH).
Essentially the original device was a "u shaped" piece of
ferromagnetic material with a bar that can connect the two ends.
Opposite (attracting) coils are placed such that the N faces one end,
S faces the other.

An electric current of low potential is then pulsed through these coils,
This establishes a current which is almost entirely converted to the
magnetic domain by the ferrite. When this occurs the metal bar across
the ends will lock into place, like the 'keeper' of a horseshoe magnet.
Or until the magnetic lock is broken.  When broken, the collapsing
magnetic current will induce a pulse of electricity back through the
This can be minutes or years later in time.

Since then thousands of experiments have been shared, and repeated,
Giving rise to new shapes and forms of 'loops' to experiment with.

My thoughts are that, if we can eternally flux a magnetic current
We should be able to set up the same scenario electrically.

I think that is what I'm trying to do.
I have four sets of coils , I use one set at a time for rotation , the other three for generating.
They all take turns ,either generating or motoring.
The magnetic field produced in the motoring coils, affects the generating coils.
I'm finding 90 degrees apart for motoring seems to work.
But still looking

Thanks artv

This is a good read with some accompanying videos
It gives one scientists perspective of the effects.

Just stumbled upon this today

Like if our coils themselves formed a loop
Toroid or whatever
And we used the magnetic air-core instead of metal

The effect seems not to care about the magnetic impedance
once the loop has been established


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