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Author Topic: Free Energy For 300 Years  (Read 763 times)


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Free Energy For 300 Years
« on: February 09, 2023, 07:07:19 PM »
Here is something I am experimenting with. I tried it already with some success using a "Zero" current high voltage source such as Van De Graaff and Wimshurst. As most of you here already know. These devices give very quick high voltage at near zero current at a very quick rate. Because of such nature of this energy. I have not been able to use it to charge batteries directly efficiently. How ever....

The thing is. You can use these devices to charge up regular capacitors very quickly very much like some are doing with Back EMF coil pulse circuits. For little current input requirement. ( Think a Bedini motor driving an electrostatic Wimshurst disk as the wheel "blade" or mechanical load.  These disks spin very fast for little effort (drag) on the system and the Wimshurt does not slow down or cause an extra mechanical strain load if we use the electrostatic or not. Bonus!

But the issue is its not real compatible current  to charge batteries seriously. So the way around this is to introduce the "Cap Dump" method. This charges up capacitors real quick and when you dump high UF caps into real car 12 volt batteries. They will react to these dumps and charge fairly quickly! So with that said here is what i'm working on now.

So we provide a trigger at low cost by using a Zamboni cell made with paper and conductive paint. About 1200 cells are stacked to get a near zero current 1kv+ DC voltage. I'm still looking on amazon where I can find the paint for a good price. I'm going to need lots for these cells!!

A bunch of these cells are built and they dump a charge into a spark gap assembly at the air break point. This charges a high voltage capacitor quickly. When the spark gap number 2, high voltage break the air gap, This discharges real amps a second or joule sharp energy into a pulsing Tesla coil high impedance side.

The Tesla transformer steps down this high voltage capacitive spike to around 24 volts This sharp discharge will charge your 12 volt batteries for free. Pulse charge. I also experimented with super caps but many users apposed that could be dangerous and they could blow up. But so far so good with my own experiments with super caps. Super caps can be good as we don't have to worry about all those lead acid battery anomalies. Here is the schematic so far. The Zamboni cells can provide zero current trigger power for over 300 years. but of course we know something would go wrong or break down before that. In other words. A very long time!