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Title: Mechanical propulsion and free energy system
Post by: hdeasy on February 22, 2017, 10:36:25 AM
I'm a physicist. Been unemployed since November so money slowly running out. However,  I had some time to develop some ideas and finally got somewhere. On Dec 8th 2016 I had a sort of breakthrough - a wagon I had been working on finally went with a few cm /sec across the floor. I have since then measured the force by having it haul a weight up via a pulley. It lifted 37g and was at an angle so total force = 0.40 N. Now input mechanical energy = 0.065W where the motor is probably 70% efficient giving input electrical power = 0.1 W approx (pessimistically). That means we have at least 4 N/W. This is a weak motor. I have some stronger ones with 150W max. With 2 of these pushing a wheel it would give, with torque arm 50cm, total torque = 4 x 150 x 0.5x 2 = 600 Nm. At an operating speed of 600 RPM, that gives output power = 60x600 = 36 kW.

I have an engineering firm working on my systems but they are very busy so will only have a force-generator ready for me in a few months. Could be good though - everything implies that this will work. I even did a test run with my weak wagon and confirmed it could push a rotor arm around.  If anyone would like to privately work on this under NDA, I would welcome that. I need to generate funds, which is why this is not open source yet.