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Title: HV Question...
Post by: dieter on February 17, 2017, 06:34:09 AM
A simple question:

Imagine a weak HV source, such as a moskito killer that runs on 2x 1.5V AA cells and puts out a humming 1.2 kV DC.

The plus output may go over a sparkgap, then trough a diode to protect the HV generator, then trough a transformer that shifts the sparkgaps primitive AC to like 5kV. The back-emf may reach 20kV now.

Then, right next to this wire between diode and transformer is the unisolated, hot wire of the mains grid.

Imagine the voltage of the back emf is high enough to jump to the other wire, the hot mains wire (warning, this may or may not destroy electronics, connected with mains, including the watt meter etc. And your power company may even notice it)

So, any Idea what's going to happen?

Additionally, the same experiment, just with a car battery cable instead of the mains hot wire, what would happen?

Title: Re: HV Question...
Post by: dieter on February 17, 2017, 08:05:24 PM
Here's my guess of what could happen:

Let us assume the car battery experiment:

So the spark of +10kV jumps to the battery cable minus, and for a brief moment you have a huge potential diffrence between spark impact and battery negative. Theoreticly a current should flow, but how could it, if the positive of the battery is unconnected?