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Title: Newsletter from the 2nd. February 2017 from
Post by: hartiberlin on February 04, 2017, 11:27:38 AM
Dear OverUnity,com member and friends.

It is high time for peace and friendship. Let's craft together. Now.
1. Worldwide 25% discount for everyone for the HHO DVD.

During the entire February 2017 we give away our international DVD version
"FreeFromFuel" for just 29,90 Euros (instead of 39,90) !
This is for all crafters worldwide. It is time for motivation, time for action,
time for peace. Let's craft together. It's fun and easy, and makes self-sufficient! :-)
Included with the bundle:
76-pages DIY Manual in English Language
DVD With Englisch Subtitles
NTSC-Format playable (almost) worldwide
Unlimited Free Online Access to Updates & Lots of Plans
25% discount for alle crafters worldwide!
Only from 1.-28. February 2017
Click here ->
We wish all of you peace, freedom and happy crafting!

2. I have updated the Products page at:
with a few new products you might be interested in.
The sales of the products helps us to pay the hosting
and the effort to keep this forum going, so please
buy these products via these affiliate links there. Many
thanks for sharing the love and support for this forum.
I will also a few more products during the next few days.
so please watch this space for new interesting products...

3. I have updated the domain now to support also
login and browsing via SSL, so your Login username and passwords are encrypted.
You can login now here via SSL:
This is especially important , if you are e.g. at a restaurant with Free WiFi
access where hackers could spy on your passwords, if you don´t use SSL Logins....

Hope this helps...

P.S. We will have an important Newsletter anouncement at about Mid of February also coming up,
so please make sure you have a valid email adress in your profile
over here, otherwise you will miss it... ( If you have received this email, all is okay
and you don´t need to change anything...)

Best regards, Stefan, Admin of
The Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy Team.