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Is anyone seriously interested in Free Energy Physics?

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--- Quote from: E_man on February 24, 2017, 07:42:58 PM ---In spite of I am new in this thread, i am seriously interested in Free Energy Physics spec of solid states.
After several years research I believe that OU phenomenon can occur in non linear systems only.
IMO main equation of magneto dynamics is Phi=LI. Because of non/linear behavior of ferromagnetic materials this equation is
Phi=L(i)*I(L) as we see on our oscilloscopes also.
So we can this equation rewrite to Phi(t)=L(t)*I(t).
We all knows (I believe) that by Faraday law inducted EMF = -dPhi/dt = -Phi'
Further we can make derivation of Phi'= L(t)*I(t)'+ I(t)*L(t)'
and we see, we have possibilities to modify behavior of our circuits during increasing Phi and decreasing one.
IMO this is way to OU.

--- End quote ---

Does this imply that inductance changes with current, such that the product of the two
is always: 1.6180339887?


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