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Is anyone seriously interested in Free Energy Physics?

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--- Quote from: sm0ky2 on February 14, 2017, 08:49:04 AM ---What about without any sort of input
Maybe one thousand of your coils
All aimed at one focal point
And from this focal point experiments
Could be performed.

For me, the effects must be observable
In some obvious way
Human sensations don't really count in my book
We need empirical evidence

--- End quote ---

The easiest way to make it stronger is to improve the technology.
I could more easily make a 1,000 times more powerful coil.

However someone who didn't feel energy won't likely feel it still.

But someone who can feel energy will go "whoa, that's a lot stronger".


--- Quote from: sm0ky2 on February 14, 2017, 08:55:32 AM ---On the other hand, if our goal was to manipulate the masses.....
Then human sensations DO count.......
You may have stumbled into something that has
Profound implications in the advertising industry
Imagine "feeling" a beam of energy coming from your toy.
Even while it sits on the shelf waiting for you to walk past
And this caused you to buy the toy.

--- End quote ---

I think this technology can be put to slightly bigger goals.

It might be possible to market it as some kind of spiritual energy device.
Alas, to do that is as much about the marketing as it is about anything else.

While you might discount stuff you that might be felt, my best hope is a few others won't be so cynical of human sensation as a meter and will feel the energy and be interested, demeaning to know how it works.

Otherwise it's back to the grind stone to try and crack this wide open.

If the sensations were empirical- meaning everyone felt them
In the same manner, every time.....
Then this method of research may prove useful.
Otherwise the entire concept parallels with experiments
On social behavior and/or psychology.

Personally I think product packaging that could be "felt"
While a consumer is walking down the aisles of a store
Would be an invaluable technology, likely to make you
the next "Bill Gates".

Even if it only works on 96.4%

IMO empirical does not mean perfect consistency.

Rather it means objectively provable by data.

So if a test was conducted and those who said they could feel the energy were able to a high or even perfect degree able to identify where the energy is in a blind test... Then that would be empirical data by my reckoning.

After all 100% of people wouldn't feel regular sensations the same (some are less sensitive to regular sensations), and if you asked people to read the value of a meter, analog or digital they might not give the same answers, vision issues and dyslexia aside some will read the values differently (different angle on the analog meter, or read the lower of higher values in a changing digital meter).

But we don;'t write off all forms of measurement just because there is some degree of variation.

In the same way we all know that visual hallucinations or mistakes can be made, but we still trust our sight.

So while I agree that there is more "work" involved turning this into an empirical result with just sensation, and I might even be disinterested in the prospect, but still it can be empirically validated with just subjective sensation).


In spite of I am new in this thread, i am seriously interested in Free Energy Physics spec of solid states.
After several years research I believe that OU phenomenon can occur in non linear systems only.
IMO main equation of magneto dynamics is Phi=LI. Because of non/linear behavior of ferromagnetic materials this equation is
Phi=L(i)*I(L) as we see on our oscilloscopes also.
So we can this equation rewrite to Phi(t)=L(t)*I(t).
We all knows (I believe) that by Faraday law inducted EMF = -dPhi/dt = -Phi'
Further we can make derivation of Phi'= L(t)*I(t)'+ I(t)*L(t)'
and we see, we have possibilities to modify behavior of our circuits during increasing Phi and decreasing one.
IMO this is way to OU.


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