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Author Topic: Using geometry to multiply rotations = multiplying AC electricity  (Read 23849 times)

Offline that_prophet

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Re: Using geometry to multiply rotations = multiplying AC electricity
« Reply #30 on: August 26, 2017, 06:13:41 PM »
PROOF OF CREATION + A YOUNG EARTH = (space dust) has mass + billions of years of dust would add up eventually + mess up the orbits of all planets + moons. We could measure the amount of dust on the moon, and divide the total by the amount of dust that is deposited every year, coming up with an age for the moon, and thereby finding out the age of our earth. Most of us have seen pictures of the moon landing, and realize that there is only a few centimeters, meaning that by the deposit of space dust, the moon has only been orbiting us for a few thousand years. Less than 10,000 year
COME ON,,, ALL OF YOU BACK YARD MECHANICS,,, Get some AC + DC motors together of the same voltage, and start building these GEM free energy power supplies,, + not only for 1.5, 3, 6, 9 + 12 volt batteries, but household 120 volt, + 12 volt, to powering these new electric cars. Let's throw the oil companies out of work, producing toxic smoke + maybe even make money with them, by throwing any excess power from these perpetually running energy generators that we have the time, + small amount of money to purchase parts to build. Think of it as not only keeping money in your pocket, but you are keeping money from the countries that either fund terrorist, or which are unknowingly funding them. This is not to mention the experimenting that we could be doing with the anti-gravity + speeds approaching light speed. Now I know that there are many out there like me, which would enjoy knowing how one type of this motor was powering a UFO in the Bible, in Ezekiel 1:16.
Most people have heard that the "day + hour knoweth no man"-(Mat 24:36), but why does nobody mention the soon arriving doors that we are not only allowed to know, but in the original Greek, it is worded like a command = “know that it is near, even at the doors”,,, + that 1st Door will close on 2019.04 + the last Door will close on 2025.94. So we are guaranteed that Jesus will set His foot on the Mount of Olives before the year 2026.
Did you ever wonder how you could know that it’s near, if we can’t know the day. Near to what then, maybe it’s near to the door/deadline = "know that it is near, even at the doors" Mat 24:33. Doors are plural, because of the two appearances of Jesus, the first is in the clouds,(Rapture) before the 7 year peace treaty is signed + then His second arrival is as His Foot touches earth, on the Mount of Olives. DOOR = (this is not the date of His Arrival, which we are warned that nobody can know, but this is the date that Christ must return before) A day that the Tribulation Saints will not only know, but they will probably being counting down the days until. = (He Returns when the 7 year peace treaty ends)
EVil-sOLUTION = isn’t it amazing what Truth can be revealed, when the “il-s” of life are included.
I can give you a free to run, perpetual power supply = This GEM mechanism can do this because of how AC electricity is created by rotations. as in the more rotations the greater amount of AC electricity, and pulleys can be used to multiply rotations. So, you are using pulley mechanics to multiply your total amount of AC electricity, by trading one rotation of a large 100 cm circumference pulley, into 100 rotations of as many 1 cm circumference pulleys as you choose to add to the same belt. If you add AC generators to these mini-pulleys then you could be multiplying AC electricity. If you added 4 of these mini-pulleys with AC generators attached, you would gain 400 cycles of AC electricity, and all for the single burst of DC current, the minute amount of current that a DC motor takes to rotate one single time.
These mini-pulleys would be easy to rotate, as the only resistance that they would generate, would be caused by any power that they were generating. These mini-pulleys would only be winding up massive voltages, because the only current needed to rotate your large 100 cm pulley on a DC motor, is one simple spark, or short burst, the amount to rotate your large pulley only one single time. Torque is only caused when you are generating power, and power is generated by current multiplied by voltage. Since we only need one single spark of current, (practically zero) the total amount of power being generated would still be practically zero, costing practically zero torque.
This was given to mankind before the first door closes =
Especially for the soon coming Tribulation Saints 
Sorry if it offends you, that I add a little bit of Biblical stuff in my explanations, but when I came up with this super simple idea, it was just after asking God for a way to help the Tribulation Saints. Just think about how super simple this AC electricity multiplier truly is, and how the voices in your head tell you that it cannot work. When how much more simple can it be, then to only pay for the one rotation of a large 100 cm pulley, when you can get a return of 100 cycle of AC electricity, for every 1 cm mini-pulley that you attach to the same belt, (with AC generators attached). Yes that’s an input of one single spark of DC current, returning you 100 cycles of AC electricity for every mini-pulley that you attach to the same belt. If you only added 4 mini-pulleys, you would get a return of 40 cycles of AC electricity. Please remember, that there is a most powerful spiritual warfare going on over this GEM technology.
There is a most powerful spiritual warfare going on over this GEM technology. Can you believe the problems that I have had, getting this super simple way of using pulleys to multiply the total amount of AC cycles of electricity? I think that it’s totally ridiculous, when you truly take a close look at it. Pulleys can be used to multiply the # of rotations, and AC electricity is made of rotations of a coil through a magnetic field. It should be dirt simple, as you are using pulleys to multiply your total # of rotations, and AC electricity is made of rotations, so you are effectively multiplying AC electricity. .