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Title: Perpetual Pendulum.
Post by: spacecowboy on January 14, 2017, 04:54:04 PM
This is my design of a perpetual pendulum. First of all let me say I dont think any machine will run forever so my version of perpetual here is not something that runs forever. However a pendulum that swings back and forth for many many years will suffice for my version of perpetual. I came up with the idea after running a motorized rotating stand non stop on a single water battery for 5 years straight. That was more then long enough for me for the test of the water battery that I had made and proved to me it would supply power long term for other low powered devices. So I came up with using the circuit out of a dancing solar powered snowman. I removed the solar panel as I did not need it here, and wired the circuit and its coil so a pencil which I used as a pendulum with a magnet on the end would swing over that coil. And it will swing for years. The water battery consist of nothing more then pure magnesium with a copper coil around that immersed in plain water without any additives, and it works well and supplies power for many many years. I made many videos on water batteries and things Ive powered with them. But here is a direct link to the perpetual pendulum for those interested in learning how to make them. (