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Author Topic: Truck Fleet mileage improvement project  (Read 4467 times)

Offline Craysus

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Truck Fleet mileage improvement project
« on: December 22, 2016, 03:03:59 AM »
Hi all,
  I am working on improving mileage on a fleet of class 8 trucks. I would be very appreciative of any thoughts and comments on what I am trying to do, and suggestions to improve (or things to stay away from!).

In short, I am tasking myself with obtaining if possible a 50% diesel fuel reduction on approximately 150 x Kenworth heavy trucks (450-600hp range, 15-16l cummins predominently). This fleet travels on average 150,000miles yearly per vehicle, and achieves 1.95km/l fuel economy currently as an average across the fleet. The majority of the fleet is used for longer distance line haulage, and approximately 50% of the fleet utilise B-double configurations (Dual refrigerated trailers).

I am so far looking at 4 x systems for HHO generation. I am not sure if I am allowed to post company names for the systems below, so have avoided that at the moment.

System A - Standard cell, claiming to generate ORTHO Hydrogen only as an output, available in a truck box configuration to suit..uses around 30amps @ 12v to produce sufficient Hydrogen for our 15-16l engines. Claims to not have HHO output, but rather PURE Ortho Hydrogen (Stripping the oxygen, and using Bob Boyce styled "ortho hydrogen output") - One of the bigger players in the market. A number of test results available including lab results

System B - Standard Cells - uses 3 x cells in series as best I can see to generate the output necessary, proprietry cells with less/no? "neutral plates" - uses 1/3rd the voltage to EACH cell, instead of neutral plates inside one single cell. Uses a high pressure high volume water pump in conjunction with the design - approx 36 amps @ 12v to produce for 15/16l engines. Produces HHO .

System C - Cylinder style cell - claims to produce enough HHO using 10amps for a 15/16l engine. Produces HHO. Has some long term test results in harsh conditions, and lab testing results.

System D - A combined HHO on demand system, with water fumigation (60/40% split). Fully combined unit, that "cracks the water" prior to entering into low amperage inline cell, and injects all the water / water vapour / HHO combined into intake manifold.

System E - A company using an EXHAUST catalyst to produce HHO (And a few other gases that also help in combustion), they are currently testing using their own tuning ECU inline with Water fumigation on diesel engines. Main issue is their exhaust catalyst is not market ready as yet - it produces too much gas and they have to control its output still.

I am looking at using the above systems and STACKING their potential with Water fumigation (various formats staged WI), and engine tuning (timing and injector dwell as a minimum).

As stated, I am after a 50% gain on the engine efficiency.. (And also looking at other technologies to improve in other areas, such as aerodynamics, weight reduction, rolling resistance, parasitic losses etc)

any feedback greatly appreciated.