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Title: Nullify Lenz
Post by: franco malgarini on December 16, 2016, 10:29:41 AM
11/12/2016 Terni italia, Franco Menghini
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, but remember that there are two alternating current actions and then two reactions, one must know how to manage.
To cancel the effect of expulsion of two copper rings that are subject all'effeto LENZ in the two sides of the coil must only put one next to the existing coil traversed by a current against which practically nullifies the field in the first.
If we have to do with the three-phase alternating currents that allow the existence of a rotating magnetic field whose effect is a rotary movement, or an induced voltage, you can act in two ways:
1. Mount two electric motors as opposed to each other on the same axis and mechanically connect them together so that by feeding them get caught between them giving meaning to the juxtaposition of the driving torque.
2. Run the system thus created by means of a pitcher who puts in motion the two rotors up to see the formation of the electromotive force at the terminals of the two machines.
3. Connect the terminals to load resistors up to see the maximum load obtaining results and record the current value.
4. It should be noted that each machine will dispense its load current but the value becomes a nullity if measured with a current probe as it disappeared the effeto Lenz derived from the total current of the two phases to cancel and then the pair reaction will no longer exist.
5. This is the method that is adopted to obtain energy above the possibility that the machine is converted to mechanical rotation that serves only to the creation of the electro motive force.
6. For personal honesty I only say one very important thing: this phenomenon over the unit is not mine but the engineer. Tewari Indian octogenarian showed him talking on the web; of mine it is only the intuition of how to use the two existing machines that actually could be replaced with a single machine whose windings can be mounted on the same plate pack, but the windings must be opposed. For me it is more obvious mechanical opposition and right-handed windings; But well also appears suitable only one sheet bundle inside which allocate the two opposing windings, which I personally do not see them because their flows are canceled and that's why Tewari does not use the magnetic stack. Actually I see the individual machines that work well against torque while rotating because I do not see the cancellation of the three-phase rotary flow that works there and it is closed in the two actual machines.

What is the pitcher:
1. In the application above the 1.5 kW machine has to make up for losses that are dragging in the two H132MLB 11 kw. Whose yield is 0.87 1643,6w + 1643.6 = 3287w. But for the intended purpose the experiment has reason to believe that the 22 kw will never be reached and you will come to a maximum of about 6 kw each machine at the same efficiency only lose about 890 W total 1379 W
2. It is very clear that working with delivery in over 12 kw unit is not only interesting for family use but the energy savings become very high with respect to consumption.
3. The value of the efficiency is 12000/1379 = 8.7 is worth all respect even if in winter you have a number of hours of high enough heating.
Title: Re: Nullify Lenz
Post by: TheCell on December 16, 2016, 02:29:23 PM
Both Generators will turn in the same direction , and will both establish a counter torque in the same opposite direction, no matter how you connect your load to the connetion plate. To chose the opposite connection joint in the Y connected gens may alter the currents by 180° but since each gen's loads are not interconnected to each other there's no interaction between each other.