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Title: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: russwr on December 15, 2016, 12:24:44 AM
Mower engine run on water vapor pressure with timing change to ATDC. Homemade coils assembly provides magnetic field choking of 5 turns ignition wire. The negative high voltage is in reference to positive ground.The spark jumps upward through spark plug. 6 -15 amps injected with additional voltage added to push-  as small plasma spark. Residual magnetism on core aids the system. Spark time extention in milliseconds. No diodes protection for battery was provided in the 2 videos from the high voltage connection, and the Inverter box was not used during demonstration as it was a previous failed attempt. 18HP engine now sounds like a water pump. I'm working on this design set up.
Title: Re: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: JamesBe1 on December 15, 2016, 08:39:29 PM
The mars system has been around for several years.  Nobody has been able to replicate it (at least anyone who will admit it). 

I'd like to believe it's genuine, but it is looking more and more like a scam.  I hope I'm wrong. 

If you have any success, please let us know.
Title: Re: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: russwr on September 10, 2019, 06:12:07 AM
Working on bench set up for S1R9A9M9 conversion of 12HP riding mower engine , for running on water vapor pressure and minute amount of hydrogen gas. The original magnetic coil used in 2008 videos that used 10 amps was reduced to 6 amps as it both forms the field over the ignition wire , as well as firing spark plug. Magnetic field formula is reworked so as same field generated at less amps with increased turns. Protection special diodes bank for power supply and battery as series linked 15kv set. 1500v old style Damper diodes are more energy efficient with less waste forward volts and heat, but require less than 15% duty cycle running, which just happens to be this magnet flywheel circuit. High voltage goes through spark plug while amps passes also. The spark timing is ATDC, and only in milliseconds. Inductive ignition is in milliseconds , while CDI is in microseconds. The Briggs on board alternator and diodes are upgraded for more power output, capable of self running system. During the downward travel of piston , the vacuum assists the expansion of liquid to gaseous state under more pressure. The small current of course generates hydrogen. The high voltage line requires inductor of about 2.5 Millihenries which aids the increase of spark time that's required, just as the magnetic coil does. The project is using the change to POSITIVE high voltage + negative ground, rather than Negative volts and positive ground like most mower engines. The ignition requires about +12KV DC , (less than 15kv DC protection), which is the hardest section to complete. No protection was done during those S1R9A9M9 2008 videos. Testing now being done with hand wound intermediate transformer with Briggs/or aftermarket Stens trigger, as preamp volts to regular Briggs Magneto coil (not SS Magnetron). The much higher volts produced would be put through half wave rectifier as microwave oven diode. The 30kv pulse type AC would reduce down to about the needed +12KVDC. North pole magnet on flywheel provides the free energy, rather than drawing more amps from battery to run a car coil. Initial 15VDC converter and starter, from 12v battery starts circuit, then after engine catches, the alternator would run circuit of estimated 18 amps draw.
Title: Re: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: russwr on October 18, 2019, 07:19:59 PM
Reworked design #2 for S1R9A9M9 Relays ;
After studying original wiring schematic, a 2nd design of original "special" dual coils relays was rebuilt for testing Briggs mower engine on water vapor pressure + Hydrogen . This one will be later tested when ignition modification is completed for higher voltage. The 2008 demonstration had the high voltage going through 2 coils in series with 12 volts fed in. The high and low volts fired spark plug same time, at much delayed engine timing.  (Series connection was for single cyl engine only) The new 4" by 4" box is smaller, lighter, takes up less space than PVC pipe, and holds vacuum on mounted gauge, for the interior magnetic spark gap. Two types of diodes are on inside and outside. The twin inductors are held in with hot melt glue. Those of you who were following the data on the S1R9A9M9 engines tests and website, will now know about subtitutions being possible on the "Special" relays back at that time. The original parties were not able to figure them out properly. Only those small sealed vacuum relays were able to allow engines to run smoothly with loads applied at various RPM's with water in carburetors 2005-2012.
Title: Re: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: shylo on October 19, 2019, 02:30:06 AM
Your pics are way too big.

From what I can see, your missing reverse path (diodes).

Title: Re: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: russwr on December 02, 2019, 12:35:15 AM
Updated notes- atachments- on S1R9A9M9 circuit for water to water vapor pressure.
Title: Re: Briggs 18HP runs on water -S1R9A9M9 web site + videos 1+2 youtube 2008
Post by: russwr on January 23, 2020, 04:01:45 AM
My research shows that the replacement for the non obtainable latching relays for S1R9A9M9 water conversion becomes vacuum sealed box with Tesla radiant Energy Spark Gap, Inductor 2.8MH-diode- Inductor 2.8MH 1Amp in series.This is based on the originaL relay points contacts becoming high voltage spark gap with 60 cycles coils for use with 6 volts AC, as in the pole power box useage in Georgia for traffic lights 6v green and red. The ohms rating comes from the reactance - inductor calculator and from hand winding sample according to specs as about greater than .7 ohms of #21 magnet wire. iron core, plastic bobbin, 3/4" by 1 3/4" size each coil. I also found out that EGR is required on the lawnmower engine used, and late timing comes from the S1R coil mag field over plug wire, along with the double coils in the high V line. The 3 amps desired (not plasma spark) should be covered under the on board alternator to DC ring. and is also adjustable. The 7 amps peak current pulse talked about on defunct website is from auto garage oscilloscope reading. Actual current is 2.2A  as AVERAGE current( times .318) As piston decends from TDC the slight vacuum affects water for STATE change to vapor pressure.