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Title: Hot point ( zero mass and faster than C point )
Post by: tesla2 on December 14, 2016, 12:40:02 PM
 I Looking partners this experiment is able be model for NEW COMPUTER !
this information is able move faster than C !!!
This experiment will also explain how works space ( Aether  - what is it and how it works )

Experiment ( description to ilustration below )

We have Car A and Car B
To Car I fixed wings
Wing A and wing B has got one common point
( It is point where wing A is contacting with wing B

During motion Wing A and Wing B are producing HOT
( and EM radiation)

HOW FAST IS MOVING "HOT POINT " respect to observer ?
What is the time ?
( how fast is working observer's clock and respect to what )

full screen - experiment step by step !