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Dear readers,

Maybe someone can help me, instead of the overunity.com prize, i am looking for a company or investor that is interested in a true overunity device without magnet or batterys.

I not want money on hand, i want that this go by a registered official notary.
When there is a higher prize like 1 million in direct licensing, can someone please guide me.

The investor pays to the notary, that keeps the money on hold, till i proof that actually my device is really working.
When the proof is there, and that is directly visible after 5 minutes, anyway, when i proofed that there will be made a contract for production and that the license money on hold will be paid.

Please if any one knowes a link or place where i should be to knock on the door by email or phone, just let me know.

Thank you all.

If you really have overunity there is not likely any way to make money easily from it.   I strongly suggest you read this page:

 - Direct patents are right out if you want to retain your IP and work.  Your patent application can be sealed and you can be gagged with NSL's.  Not only will you not become a millionaire, but are now under surveillance and gagged from continuing your work.
  And with oil cartels embedded everywhere you can almost be guaranteed to get gagged going this route.
 - International patent authorities may have different restrictions on certain types of patents so that may be a possibility.
 - Patenting a system but disguising its true function may also be possible.

 - Licensing with a manufacturer might work if you can prove the technology and find a company to mass-produce them.  In the end you'd end up selling products that are technically OU but not sold as such.  Like Solar Panels that work in the dark or Wind Turbines that spin fast when there is almost no wind.  Or high efficiency battery chargers. ::)

 - The Open-source Linux route is one possibility.  Release the tech, theory, and distribute prototypes in a way that encourages replication.  You get funding back by Paypal and Bitcoin, and by selling kits and support calls.

 - Anonymous/pseudonymous distribution is also a possibility.  Publish plans and diagrams on BitTorrent and add a bitcoin donation address.  If/when people replicate the tech and it really takes off, you might receive millions in donations even though nobody knows who you are.
  You can still use crypto+bitcoin to prove your identity continue to provide updates to the community, by signing files and messages the same way Wikileaks does.

  Whether you go with a public or anonymous route, they both carry risks.  If you just want to help the community and distribute the tech, I'd suggest helping out and just pointing people in the right direction in forums like these.  No announcement or fanfare, just try to spread the right ideas and get the rest of us all up-to-speed.

  Overunity in the end could be a solution to scarcity as we know it.  Currencies, governments, society as a whole undergoes a massive realignment when the world becomes flush in cheap *everything*.  What use then is making 10 million dollars in a world where money is meaningless?

Thank you all for the information, I know that its hard to patent it,and i know you should call the device differend to patent it. However i not believe in this conspiricy  if it is so i am not affraid,as we not have a eternal life.

I hoped that there whas some companys that want discover such overunity device ( not perpetual motion? and buy and distribute it.

How ever if someone know such company,s please let me know.

One could always take a chance with this route:


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