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Title: What is the best Generator/Alternator/Dynamo???
Post by: CLaNZeR on November 15, 2006, 07:38:23 PM
Have been playing around today attaching one of my wheels to various motors to see what power output gets produced.

What are peoples thoughts on the best type of Generator/Alternator/Dynamo to attach to test wheels.

I have been trying some 8 wire stepper motors this evening and each of the 4 coils seem to output upto 10Volts  at low RPMs from the wheel, but if you increase the speed to much on the wheel then you tend to get feedback from the motor.

I tried various small DC motors I have lying around but it takes a lot of RPM's to produce anything.

So is it better to actually wind a coil myself, center it over the middle of the wheel and also attach a magnet on the center of the wheel to get power, or actually using some kind of motor attached to the wheel?

I like the idea used in the new Bike Dynamo, where a magnet is inside a coil and excited when a magnet passes by, but I do not think it will deliver much power??

As usual any input appreciated.