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Hi. Guys. Sorry my noob question. Power supply modified by les banki using 12 v battery or 220 vac from house? :)


12v DC , circuit Les designed based on japanese research papers , with primary circuit protection for spikes from fast switching .
like most circuits around ,if not ALL , 50% square wave is used , which no matter the freq is just on and off for equal length of time .  if used with flyback it is in continuous mode

.A fast MOSFET driver chip  can do a faster job down into the 10ns range if required. RF transistors such as the 2n3866 and its complimentary PNP can boost the avg current if required. The special thrysistor SCR is a gimmick.
Use small electrodes for experimenting and scale up the electrodes and electronics once you find the sweet spot.
Note that for electrolysis type work the discharge phase of the driver is not used as you normally want the charge on the double layer to discharge into the water not back into the driver.
As a side note, these pulse techniques are used for electroplating not for electrolysis as diffusion to the electrode is normally not much of an issue except for dilute electrolytes which are not used when producing HHO. (Expect for fringe science experiments  :o   8)  )


that " gimmick" has a part number just like every other component . manufactured by NGK by the research team in the japanese paper .
no one has access to the component part nor can anyone or has anyone given an explanation on how they think it works .
Les Banki designed what he saw as an equivalent circuit .  Stephen , the owner of this forum wrote the first post that out put was "31 times more than faraday" , Les did calcs on those figures presented and said "8 times" . 
from that point on everyone piled onto Les ,which went to show they didnt even BOTHER to read the japanese or Indian papers .
even when he asked them to read the papers!   

the researches in the japanese paper are also employees of NGK and also the patent holders of the thyristor .
their names are right there in the paper.
anyone can search for static induction thyristor or static induction transistor , theres research papers going back decade/decades or more .  they are not available to public .



theres heaps of info , patents and papers on the net , the static induction transistor was invented in japan in the 1970s !!!


theres probably half dozen people who actually read the papers Les refered to other wise the threads on over unity and over unity research would not have gone the direction they went

and it wasnt because of Les Banki


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