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Quartz crystal battery


i just completed a new crystal cell battery.
Made of Quartz, salt substitute and Epsom salt
With some John Hutchison style doping

Cell is holding strong at 0.75V/ 150ma
Undergoing load testing


The motor test concluded after roughly 6 hrs.
When the current began to drop below 150ma
and the motor slowed down
Providing a battery equivalence of 900mAh @ 0.75V

The battery was then shorted for 1 hr
And is now holding a constant 0.54V
And almost no available current
( or more accurately less than the tolerances of my meter)

If mass produced on a commercial scale this technology could
become a 'green battery tech'
But as a home produced cell, the materials, time, and effort
put into making these cells......

This cannot compete with commercial batteries


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