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Advantages of earth batteries

   2. Long Life needed.
   3. The collection of earth ether energy and conventional (which is an electroplating effect in this case).
   4. Free Energy day or night
   5. cells are replenished by outside weather, etc...
   6. System can be scaled up or down, to get as much power
   7. A great source of free energy for the poor countries that do not have any light source. each family can build to their income. The more money spent on copper the more power! The more Neon or bulb lighting.

Bruce A. Perreault:
If the cells are made correctly they don't have to be buried in the ground.  ;)

                  -Bruce P.

I tried this, mesured 0.8 V with a multimeter on one cell, but the Amps are really too weak to get something from it.
Even by adding more cells, I couldn't get more Volts, or more Amps.
I could not even lit a LED.

Did someone try this and got usefull results ?

Walter Hofmann:
Hi sam,
I try this too 2 -3 years ago and could also not get better results, one reason is that the earth needs to be moist at all times, and to put them in series is another story, where I am located the soil is mostly totally dry except during the reany season and the humidity is also 80 % of the time verry high, what is contrceptive to, thats why i stopt the experiements in this direction.

I just hope somebody had better results than me. However where I live, the soil is often wet, but it doesn't change alot the results.  :-[

It was also very painfull to dig deeper than 1 meter. So I digged diagonally to try to fit the 1.5m cell in a hole.

By the way, I tested various size of zinc rodes. Surprisingly, with a smaller surface I got 0.2 V more than with a big zinc rode.  :o

Just to mention an interesting point. Depending on where I digged the cell I could get different Volts.
I could notice a link with Hartman knots. With active Hartman knots, I could reach 1 V. Elsewhere, I got between 0.6V and 0.75V.
Did someone make a link with Bio-energy/Hartman knots and related topics ?


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