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For some reason i never lose interest in these things.
If enough of us had enough of them, energy would be a non-issue….

But alas, i did not revive the original Earth Battery thread to reminisce….

Rather i would like to discuss a new application.
We know we can charge capacitors with this technology.
What i propose is possibly dangerous, could be worthless may be worth exploring….
But for now, let us engage in thought.

The earth has a calculated capacity of 710 microfarads.

This may seem like a lot but i assure you this is trivial.
With my personal collection over the past decade since i last lost my lab,
combined with that I inherited from TK upon his retirement….
I am sitting on 7.3 MegaFarads

So 710 micro is nothing in the scheme of life.

Let us imagine a circuit, an C-C resonator.
One side being our array of capacitors adding up to 710uf
and the other side the earth.
We charge our side using earth batteries over however long that takes.
Then let it oscillate for however long it is willing to do so.

Noone interested in building an ‘Earth Ringer’?

I[size=0px]nterested? Yes[/size]

[size=0px]Committed to build? No. . . [/size]

yes  please let us see what it is  thanks


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