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This topic is being created for presentations of replications of
the "TD" and similar measurement sets.

It's not intended for discussion of theory of, or the explinations of, per say.



Hello floor and everyone

The below video is a replication (a la gotoluc) of your Permanent Magnet Twist Drive (torque amplifier)
Also included below is a pic of the videos test data which seems to support (on my test device) a 37% Torque Gain on the output side compared to the torque needed on the input side.

You may want to make some popcorn as the video is kind of long (18 min) since I took the time to first explain the basic effect for newcomers and youtubers to understand how the basic effect works.

Link to video demo:

Kind regards


Hi Luc,

Great setup and thanks for taking the arduous job of building and showing it.
Of course, we need to thank first to Floor to openly share his own work on the idea.


  I agree - great set-up and data-taking. Thank you, Luc.

 It is indeed curious.

  Is it possible to convert the action here to a continuous motion?  I suppose it would involve oscillating (engage-disengage) as well as rotary (torque) motions ... 

   A small test device that would keep moving, would be an awesome Christmas present to the world!

Thanks Gyula

That's correct!... the credit goes to floor, it is his hard work that I basically copied (at the end) and shared my results to further confirm his findings.

Hopefully now this will encourage the great minds to suggest mechanisms which could capitalize on this effect to turn this into continuous rotation.



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