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Over-Unity Vs the Law of Conservation of Energy

The law of conservation of energy states that, inside a closed (isolated) system, the total energy remains constant. IE, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed. This is true.

This law is applied towards the concept of over-unity as a negation, in that, if energy can neither be created nor destroyed and that the energy within an isolated system must remain constant, then no more energy can be taken from a system than is put into the system. Sounds logical, correct?


The problem is that the people applying the law are misapplying it. Most are unconsciously limiting the measurement of the system. A few do it consciously. There exists a bias in science toward the notion of perpetual motion, when in reality, perpetual motion systems abound in this universe.

Consider electrons. Electrons zip around their atoms, eon after eon, generating their minuscule magnetic fields without any energy being added to the system, though they are by definition giving off energy due to their motion through space/time in seeming direct confliction with the law of conservation of energy and the process of entropy. 

Cosmologists are constantly faced with the big picture. They are forced to deal with the only truly isolated system in the universe, which is the universe as a whole. All other systems within the main system are but non-isolated subsystems of the whole. Cosmologists are starting to understand that space/time itself contains energy, even without the presence of either light or matter.  They are discovering that space/time actively interacts with matter, imparting energy to said matter, and that this principle is responsible for the increase in speed of the expansion of the universe, instead of slowing down due to entropy as previously thought. It is only on cosmological scales that you find systems that can be truly called 'isolated' in any real sense.

What this means, in reference to the concept of over-unity, is that all forms of energy upon a sub-system must be accounted for to determine unity and to consider the subsystem as being 'isolated' to apply the law and the process accurately. Basically, over-unity does not exist in reality, though over-unity CAN exist in practicality due to our lack of understanding of the energy acting upon the sub-system.

For instance, if I hook up a nine-volt battery to an electronic circuit, to power said circuit, can I say it is the only energy acting upon the circuit? If the circuit is unshielded, then I can list numerous forms of energy sources right now which can act upon every wire, coil, and circuit trace within said circuit from outside sources. Many of these energy sources would not produce electricity, such as gravity. Many others might. Some, like electromagnetic waves produced by house wiring, radio towers, power lines, cellphone towers, etc., all the way to lighting strikes and electromagnetic storms in space would all generate from the immeasurable to quantitative amounts of energy within that supposedly isolated 'system'. This electrical generation would be either additive or subtractive to the input of the nine-volt battery when considering the total available energy within the sub-system. This energy usually is given the name -- interference -- and every electrical engineer designing circuitry must find ways to eliminate it for proper circuit function.

I restate, the main reason for the possibility of over-unity is a misapplication of the term isolated system.

Though this may sound stupid, one good example of an over-unity device is a circuit run by a solar cell. It is a matter of subjective perspective. To an 19th century physicist, it would have been almost magic. To an early 20th century physicist, it would have been perpetual motion. to a 21th century physicist, it is what powers their calculators and energizes their house. The problem is that energy can be converted from one form to another. Heat and light, among other probable energy sources, can be converted directly to electricity. However, before their processes were understood, peltier junction devices, solar cells, etc., would have all been deemed over-unity or perpetual motion due to the misapplication of the very laws and processes in question.

Another area for over-unity is a misjudgment of efficiency. If I state that conversion of electricity to heat through a resistance is the best measurement of efficiency, I would be a laughable idiot. Unity is 100% efficiency, or complete conversion with no losses. Many devices could claim over-unity simply because they are more efficient than the standard of measurement used for comparison.

What over-unity researchers are looking for is actually the newest form of 'solar cell', so to speak; a device that transforms one form of energy to another or greater efficiency than the measuring standard. If either is achieved, then the researcher has temporarily achieved over-unity -- until the process is understood and the measuring standards are reset. After that, they simply 'discovered a new solar cell'. 

Paul Andrulis

 Very good!
 Just what I have been saying for years now.
 I agree 100%. Good job.

That was a good post.

The fist problem with overunity is that it implies more than unity which is not be the case. It is in effect a perceptual problem which relates to people with a superficial mind set which they falsely call common sense. On the other hand intelligent more informed people tend to look past simple surface effects and try to understand concepts and processes in a more all encompassing or universal sense.

What many fail to grasp is the concept of "Energy" more so all Energy in a universal sense. For instance if energy is truly conserved then where does all the energy go from the trillions upon trillions of stars not unlike our Sun throughout the universe?. Energy cannot just disappear thus the whole universe must be full of Energy which radiated from every star for billions upon billions of years in every direction saturating every space. As such there is no need to imagine where all energy comes from as we already know because "energy is conserved".

As you implied, we do have a very real conceptual problem with energy and also with ways and means to extract energy in a practical manner. That is we know we are swimming in a sea of energy and energy is conserved however finding practical ways to utilize the various forms of energy is an issue. This relates back to the superficial mind set and it helps to understand that probably 95% of the population still equates energy with the burning of things to create energy which is actually a transformation of energy. As such the Energy crisis is actually an understanding crisis which relates to false perceptions and popular opinions.

The problem with energy isn't all that difficult to understand in a general sense. The whole universe and matter are saturated with energy in various forms relating to the Primary Fields (Electric, Magnetic and Gravic). All tangible matter is 99% fields and 1% matter and all space is saturated with the Primary fields otherwise energy could not translate from one place to another nor could it be conserved. Thus the access point to unlimited energy is not with simple physical interactions but Primary Field interactions relating to matter. That is we manipulate the primary fields in various ways to create an energy sink which allows us to access the greater universal field energy.

I also use the solar cell as an example for all free energy devices and the process is in fact very similar. We could say a free energy device simply uses different parts of the Electro-Magnetic spectrum rather than visible light like a solar cell which is why it works 24/7.  Consider the fact that a solar cell does in fact work all of the time 24/7 in outer space when facing the Sun and you get the picture. Thus the only time a solar cell does not work all the time is on Earth because our planet is rotating. In 99% of the rest of the universe a solar cell does work all the time to some degree because of star light so our perception in this respect is very biased. Earth is not the universe... it is a very small place and an exception to most other places in the universe.

The moment we open our mind and use a more universal mind set free of superficial views free energy is fairly easy to understand if not obvious in my opinion.


IMO the energy gets preserved across dimensions, so that once our world isn't strictly 3-dimensional, then the energy can leak from/into our space-time. It's an analogy of the surface wave scattering at the water surface - the two-dimensional surface ripples (analogy of light) are complemented there with more subtle longitudinal waves (analogy of scalar waves of vacuum), which spread across third dimension of it. The higher dimensions manifest itself for example with vacuum fluctuations and/or with orbital/angular polarization of light. Therefore the draining the energy from vacuum fluctuations is analogous to the extraction of energy from underwater sound waves with surface waves at the water surface.

The simplest way how to imagine it is the rectifying of thermal voltage fluctuations of material. Once we use 3D diode for it, then these fluctuations will compensate itself with thermal fluctuations of diode itself, so that we cannot get the energy from it. But if we would use 2D diode (for example in form of carbon nanotubes), then the voltage induced at the diode will become larger than the average voltage spikes within bulk of material, so we can utilize them in an external devices. The key in utilization of negentropy phenomena is therefore usage of low-dimensional materials: the superconductors, topological insulators, graphene and ferromagnetics in monopole arrangement, during which the motion of electrons get spatially constrained.

For me the biggest hole in the physics world view of today is the notion that the electron spinning (or whatever it is doing) around the nucleus does not need an energy source. A similar strange concept is that a permanent magnet stuck to a steel ceiling does not need an energy source to hold its own weight (or even more than its own weight).

Once this energy source is discovered new ways to convert it to e.g. electricity or heat will be available.

May be this mysterious energy source is a basic feature of space time.

The sun will not shine forever, but on the human scale it is an endless energy source. In a similar way space time will not provide energy forever (to spin the electrons and to hold permanent magnets) but even on a cosmological scale it might seem to be endless.

To put it in a very naïve way: the big bang created this basic energy source and it is slowly spent by whatever exists. It might take eons till it is completely used up (dissipated) and it will take a new big bang to start all over.

My hope is that we detect this underlying energy of space time and can use it eventually. Like the electron or the permanent magnet we might be able to tap into this underlying energy source.

Greetings, Conrad


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