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Title: Simple question about this type of coil winding.
Post by: PolaczekCebulaczek on November 14, 2016, 04:28:12 AM
Would a coil like this emit EMF (when input is pulse square wave signal or AC)? Most of the magnetic field has been canceled due to conductor opposite directions but what about the induced electric field? It will be canceled out too? Or not?

electric field detector (I make it from MOSFET and LED) detects E field around this coil but when I added secondary standard coil no current or voltage is detected/induced. I believe that the e field is still there(not canceled) but it's actually two e fields and their vectors are pointing against each other so they can't induce anything in secondary coil, (two currents can't flow against each other)like in two transformers connected out of phase. Is that correct?