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Title: disclosing thermodynamical secrets
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An action, analogous to induction inl electrotechnics, which should be called inertia, can be attained with the device g0 according to the invention by reductions of the cross-section of the liquid pipeline. An additional space. connected with the liquid pipe-line, and filled with liquid, has an effect which is analogous to 95 capacity in electrotechnies. With the device according to the invention, the media working as inertia, holding-capacity, and leakage, can be provided inl any desired number, and may be fornied 1j( so that they let through or pr oduce either only vibrations of low frequency or -only those of higher frequency, or also on the other hand only vibrations whose frequency lies between two predetermined ios values, and alter or hold up the other vibrations. For thle arraingement of these media, working as inertia, holdingcapacity (volume), and leakage, the same laws hold as in electrotechnics for the iijl arrangement of filters working 'as induction, capacity, etc. It is comparatively simple to arrange that the media employed according to the invention have only a small margin of error in relation ii5 to the desired cut-off frequency.

                                                                        THE KELVIN PARADOX