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Title: Aether-Drive
Post by: guest1289 on November 04, 2016, 11:48:58 PM
    Aether-Drive  for space or terrestrial travel

    I'm sure magnetic-based Aether-Drive's have probably been presented for over a hundred years.
     But, since many people believe that the magnetic-field relies on the existence of the medium( aether ),  the effect of the magnet on the medium to exist,  then it's logical to think that you may be able to create propulsion by using   moving-magnetic-fields on the medium/aether  in the same way you use  air/water-propellers.

     So not only could you try  magnetic-propeller  type designs,  you could also try a   hollow( maybe conical )-corkscrew-design    to maybe even try and compress aether coming into the big end of the cone,  and push it out the narrower end of the cone,   obviously doing this at an unusually high rpm.
      Or by doing  electro-magnetic  versions of the above ideas.

    (   in concept,  this could also be loosely related to things I'm reading about,  like ramjets,  merredith-effect,  Sonoluminescence  )

     Obviously,  noticing a device currently presented,  could they not test it as a linear-motor( in a straight line ),  either floating on water,  or across some type of suitable  non-electric-magnetic-bearing( or maybe even across a electric-magnetic-bearing ), or other options,  to see if it moves both forwards and backwards.

Title: Re: Aether-Drive
Post by: guest1289 on November 14, 2016, 11:41:22 PM

    NOTE :  There is a possibility( not sure ) that a modified version of the  Aether-Drive  in my previous post,   could also function as an  overunity-generator,  maybe only in  earth's atmosphere,   but maybe also in space  if  Electromotive-Force  might  be composed of the same thing as the  aether.

  For this  Aether-Drive,   I was also thinking,  that as an alternative( or in combination with ) to propelling  aether( like a propeller through air in my previous post ),   that perhaps you could have  Electromotive-Force ( ) / flowing-spark,     'flowing over'(  or coming of )  the surfaces of  the  propeller/turbine  surfaces(  the Electromotive-Force would have to be supplied to the propeller surfaces,  by the device ),         So,        that some of this   Electromotive-Force/flowing-spark  would be sucked of the surface of the propeller/turbine  surfaces ( and maybe into the  compression chamber of the  'cone idea'  in my previous post,  but one containing a more standard shape,  compression chamber ),      And The Result Would Hopefully Be,      that the   propeller-surfaces  would  then  suck in some  aether(  'or',  just atmospheric electricity from air )  from the  space around them,   in order to  maintain the flow of electricity in the circuit .
  ( the electrical-current inside the propeller material would suck in some  aether-or-just-atmospheric electricity from the space around the propeller surface,   in order to keep the electrical current flowing in the propeller ) 

     Why Do I Think This Would Suck In More Energy Than It Loses ?
       -  You'll remember how some people have claimed that arc-welders had caused their  home-electricity-meters  to go backwards,  my possible explanation for that was that maybe  electromotive-force  ( or  maybe even  aether )  in the air  was  being  absorbed/stuck-to  into  the flow of  spark  of the  arc-welder.

      HOWEVER ,   This Idea Above,  would also be providing some 'Propellant' in the form of  'Electromotive-Force' ,   as an alternative to just using  aether( using aether like air or water to propel through ),  in case just using  aether would not work.

    NOTE :  As I mentioned in my previous post,   Remember,   that this could also be designed as  'A  Purely   Electro-Magnetic    Or   Solid-State  version of  the design above.
Title: Re: Aether-Drive
Post by: lancaIV on November 15, 2016, 10:09:35 AM
a static aether drive : (

When the aligned Cobalt atoms are bombarded with a radio signal, the 90° aligned natural fields of the Cobalt atoms are placed under Maxwell flux which introduces a time factor to the electric capacitance field and tries to force the field to discharge over that time factor.  The field, however, is being continuously charged by a neutron-induced nuclear magnetic current. The radio wave attempt at forced field discharge puts back pressure against the neutron induction of the magnetic current. Because of the unique characteristics of the Cobalt's nuclear structure, this back pressure can result in the release of a neutron from the nucleus without eliminating the crystalline nuclear structure which is required for the transition metallic bonding of Cobalt. (for explanation of transition metallic bonding see reference above).

"Aether,aether" has been the german expression for the sphere what today is known as "radio frequency spectrum",
included here the vacuum tube technology "Tele-Funken" ,radiation-spark/ignition,and Funkenstrecke .....
In "aether" is today when a radio-station is "on air",broadcasting !

Title: Re: Aether-Drive
Post by: guest1289 on November 17, 2016, 07:41:18 PM
      Another proof that  my  overunity-design  for the above  Aether-Drive  could maybe have some credibility,  and also other  overunity-generators  that I have posted that I said would absord aether( or energy from the vacuum ) ,   is the   research  which found   that   'at a very specific frequency,  an core( iron-core? ) will emit a stronger  electromagnetic-field  than the  input power'  .

     (  I typed this before in a recent post,  maybe on another thread,  on this site,  and I had posted the  webpage-link  of where I read that,   however,   that webpage doesn't actually mention when or who did the research  )

     Another version of this Aether-Drive I posted in this thread could use a  Contra-Rotating( mechanical-with-permanent-magnets,  or mechanical-with-electromagnets,  or,  solid-state ) turbines/propellers.
     That could be either :

       -  like helicopter contra-rotating designs

       -  or,   visualize a small circle,  in the middle of a very slightly larger circle,  the 2 circles contra-rotating,  and the  aether  sucked into the narrow space between the small circle and the slightly larger circle,  by either
          -  the basic contra-rotating theory
          - or,  by  parts of the edge of one circle,  scraping of  surface-electromotive-force,   of the edge of the other circle,  and sucking it into a compression-chamber,  or just pushing it out as thrust,  and hopefully this action would suck aether into the front( as detailed in my previous posts in this thread (  with all the combinations of these concepts,  now too difficult to detail )


   That space-drive recently posted on this site( the mechanical one, relying purely on mass-momentum,   not the solid-state one tested by nasa )  with videos showing it working,  even without the newest videos,  it does seem to function as described,  rather than interacting with the earths fields  .
     It seems to have defeated  newton's? theorem/theorems,   which means that they are far above any academic who would want to review it,    it would probably be ideal for the current  moon-rovers  contest.
      Before it was posted( or I became aware of it ),  I always thought the basic-principle would work,  but I never bothered designing anything,   because   
      1 - newton's-theorems
      2 - I researched other peoples designs on the web who were told by academics it would never work because of newton's-theorems etc etc
       So before,  I just assumed it would never work

    A Passive-Aether-Drive ?
     -  The  well known Monopole-Device( ball shaped with a tunnel through it )  which was published by a university in barcelona ,  could it be a  passive-aether-drive,  if
          - it only works one way
          - if in fact,  aether is part of the  electromagnetic-spectrum
Title: Re: Aether-Drive
Post by: forest on November 18, 2016, 08:33:11 AM
I believe one of Tesla patent is about that
Title: Re: Aether-Drive
Post by: guest1289 on December 18, 2016, 11:38:19 PM
   My apologies for making another post on this science-fiction like subject.

    - I just had to add that an alternative to using   magnetic-fields  in my  Aether-Drive  design( and maybe also in the   Free-Energy-Generator  version  of that design ),   would be  to use  electrostatic-fields instead,  to use the electric-field  instead of the  magnetic-field.

    - Also,  I had thought that maybe the concept of  contra-rotating-turbines  could possibly also be applied to my  Aether-Drive  design( and maybe also to the   Free-Energy-Generator  version  of that design ).

     Recently,  someone elses  idea/design  got me thinking about( and reminded me about )  the idea of  an  Aether-Vortex( aether-tornado ).

     I was going to ask if anyone has any way of testing  Aether-Vortex  ideas,  but then I remembered,   that in the last year or so there have  been  some highly publicized  discoveries of  magnetic-tornadoes  in  space(  and in earth's atmosphere ? ),   although I can't remember if some of those were some type of   plasma-tornadoes( vortexes ) which is obviously different.

    Just A Note On Something
     - A few years ago,  I had thought that  the centrifugal-force   acting  on  gps-satellites  might be an  alternate explanation  for the    'time-dilation'  phenomenon  they experience(
 they continually have to have the clocks in those satellites re-adjusted due to time dilation,
            - so I wondered if the centrifugal-force   experienced by those satellites could affect the sub-atomic  particles and their  fields  in their  electronic-clocks ,   but I can't visualize that    centrifugal-force  because  gps-satellites  are not tethered to the earth like the outer rim of a gyroscope .