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Title: Potential Energy Accelerator Idea (schematic inside)
Post by: Joeee on November 04, 2016, 08:23:00 AM
The basic idea is to use gravity to roll a magnet through an inclined tube that forms a standing oval shape and is wrapped in copper wire.  The generated voltage is stored in a battery and used to power an electromagnet which helps push the rolling magnet into a magnetic rail.  The magnetic rail will accelerate the rolling magnet back up to the starting point, which will repeat the process. 

The problem is at the entrance of the magnetic rail.  There is a repulsion force that must be overcome, which is why I recommended an electromagnet for extra propulsion.  However, if we introduce enough external starting force, the electromagnet could possibly be removed from the system.  The lengths and incline angles are intentionally left as unknown variables, for their values would need to be experimented with to find their optimal configuration.

The magnetic rail I wanted to use (to avoid wear-and-tear) is this design:

However, this bouncing magnetic sphere design (has wear-and-tear) may be easier to enter into the rail movement state

Attached is the schematic of the design.