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Free Energy Device Live Demo streaming video event coming up
at the 2nd of November 2016.
Mark your calender !

It better not rely on: gravity, magnetism, ether, pendulum, flywheel, resonance or many other 'effects'.

Electrical tape is holding it together, but here Innova Tehno EU writes »has already 12 owners«. Then why is he not showing the (already 12 times sold) factory-made version of that device in his latest video?

This does not look promising ... ::)


Veröffentlicht am 10.08.2016
The Free Energy device was first made in 1943 in Dresden, the project was stopped because there were no possibilities and technologies to complete ... unconfirmed information says that altogether worked for the aircraft named "Glocke" I repeat only the theory, But we are finally finished device with power of 7.4 kW 220/380 V. at the end of the August 2016 we go testing live on this channel. After these period goes and sells equipment to the principle you order and we deliver it. Now in the territory of the European Union. The device delivered to the address, buyer pay 30 days later, with the possibility of return if do not want the device - trial costs nothing.
Guarantees will be, but no need, the appliance components exist in the industry for 50 years so it is unnecessary warranty, the product will work a minimum of 50 years. After the device is switched on, never turn off. The device is used for; all devices on the power 220-380V 50 Hz, maximum 7350 W this means for example electric water heater for the house with central heating cca. 4kW, 2.5kW washing machines and lighting at the same time can be included. all above 7.5 kw unit automatically pauses until the surplus power off. The device does not consume any fuel as such perpetual motion. Price of the final model in sound insulation box will not be higher than € 3,000! More info on;


Is this open source technology?

probably not..

will a schematic/blueprint and part list be provided openly?

probably not..

Is this a scam?
I will not be surprised if it is, same old story, same old tactics.
correct me if i'm wrong.

Remember I told you so..

If you really want to help humanity share it as open source with schematic/blueprint and part list.


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