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TR-Labs by Tommey Reed


HI all,

After moving back to Florida I decided to open my own experimental & Research lab called, "TR-LABS"

Now I can do prototypes, I will also research  overunity claims.

This is my own time and money and not looking to scam others into believing in false claims of overunity.

Many people claim many things that don't come out to be facts, these type of people are called "scam artist" plan and simple.

Free energy claims hurt the real cause of more efficient ways to create energy. Nothing is free, but more efficient ways of creating energy is.

I restarted the Claim engine and other major projects that needs more verifying of efficiency.

I found a small shop with ac+electric for $350.00 per month 10'x20', it's half the size I really need but will do for now. I work part time to pay for the shop and other bills for now.

My goal is to create my own energy with different ideas and more efficient then what we pay for now.

I will keep everyone up to date.


Hi All,

This is my new shop called,"TR-LABS"



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