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Is cold energy for real, or what is it?

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Handy andy andy:
I started out thinking about energy from the ether, (in my opinion the ether is small pieces of space, which can move spin and change shape, to become quantum matter then plasma then gas then liquid then solid etc All matter comes from the ether, all forces are transmitted by it, it has inertia etc). 

I am now thinking about how thunder clouds work, the moist air in thunderclouds can be viewed losely as the ether. With high voltages applied water seperates into ions of hydrogen and oxygen. At high temperatures Nitrogen combines with hydroxide. Lightning is a chain reaction fed by moist air. Once initiated it runs until starved of fuel.

I wrote a section on this on the freeenergyforum under lightning, hoping to get some comments and feedback. I can post here if anyone is interested. My ideas are evolving and I would like some input corrections and suggestions.

I suspect that Tesla may have inadvertently on a humid day, recieved more back into his tower than he was transmitting. The air around his tower would be like a fuel cell.

Lightning in thunderclouds produces antimatter, this is also extremly interesting.

How do you start a thread on this website.


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