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Title: A self-rotating toy ?!...
Post by: iacob alex on November 13, 2006, 10:58:14 PM
...can be a slightly change of the well known see-saw game ,in which now one side,now the other has the lead,so to obtain an up and down motion ,on the ends of the lever supported in the middle.So,we have a first class lever and two active players in gravity ,on equally arms.They play balance.For a self-rotating toy(not balancing only!) we need three spare parts:a tube, a steel ball and a fulcrum/bearing,so it's  easy  to assembly this one ,as an "actual product".The tube is bended at one end(a long L shape) and the ball can roll("tumble") to and fro inside it(as on an incline,due to gravity).The driving rule of the game(now one side,now the other has the lead) is the same,but at a glance with only one "leader" (the ball).Really can we make it self-rotating?Men love to hope .Some novelties begin as wonders.All the Bests!/Alex
Title: Twin wheels...
Post by: iacob alex on November 17, 2006, 12:42:54 AM
...can be the next step,a development of the former "Self rotating toy":two same coupled wheels in a 180* phase shift relationship.A tandem free fall toy ,that is intended to self rotate,due to gravity,only.This time we have a greater number (double) of spare parts:two identical wheels,connected,on a vertical support .These wheels performs as "frames", for two unstable pulsatory turning balances.Every balance acts as an unequal first class lever in a pendular spinning motion:a bended tube at one end,with an  iron ball free to move inside it ,between two limits(as on an incline,due to gravity),if fit arranged on the center of rotation of the "frame" wheel,can play as a switching greater torque storage on the same side for a  270*(degrees) rotation.Intertwining two alike arrangements,in a 180* shifting phase,can derive in a consistent,smooth motion.It's as a "wheel inside a wheel" concept,in a mirror shifted manner.A "round" shape, begins with a lever...a "minimal" wheel.To weight operation is one thing(as it were static),to collect a free fall is something else.As Statics vs. Dynamics!Can be it a novelty?Usually,there is nothing new under the sun: the "image map " is the same.All the Bests!/Alex