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tpu test on Otto and Ricardo Bob Boyce info


im using a single laminated copper wire for bias 47 cm, 2 parallel wires 1 23 1 26, one 4m20, 8) 1 16m so i don't lose amps, got a arduino to ocsilate the square pwm pulse to my jml transistor without a driver. I have no control coils to keep it save. I want to light a lightbolb 220v60W.

am i on the right track or can sombody improve my idea???

another question if i want to charge a supercap lets say 16volt 500F with a tpu how long does it take to charge, and how much energy will be stored, let's say if it's fully charched, i want to connect a travo to 220 and watch tv, how long does it run you think thnx 8)

ohw and where is the best place to buy utracaps??i mean the cheapest they get really expensive man over the internet, i rcon maxwel??


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