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Author Topic: tesla free energy  (Read 3324 times)

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tesla free energy
« on: November 13, 2006, 08:53:34 PM »
Tesla, then, asks that we "reflect a moment" and adds:

Heat, though following certain general laws of mechanics, like a fluid, is not such; it is energy which may be converted into other forms of energy as it passes from a high to low level...assume that the water, in its passage into the tank, is converted into something else, which may be taken out of it without using any, or very little, power. For example, if heat [is represented] by the water of the lake, the oxygen and hydrogen composing the water may illustrate other forms of energy into which the heat is transformed in passing from hot to cold.

Corresponding to this ideal case, all the water flowing into the tank would be decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen before reaching the bottom (Tesla, 1900), and the result would be that water would continually flow in, and yet the tank would remain entirely empty, the gases formed escaping. We would thus produce, by expending initially a certain amount of work to create a sink for the heat or, respectively, the water to flow into, a condition enabling us to get any amount of energy without further effort.

Sound impossible? NOT
Calculations show at 20,000' water depth the inflowing water driving a turbine/generator running at 80% efficiecy will transform all the water to H2 and O2, if these seperate H2-O2 lines were open to atmosphere at sea level the gasses will flow upwards as they are lighter than air. So you get free H2-O2 at see level for free, excluding the capital investment. I did these calculations a while back and found it interesting that many of tesla's "thought experiments" can be taken literally. It is also interesting that so many people with zero technical knowledge would dismiss this as crackpot,when in fact it works- it may not be economical but that is not the point.