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Title: Wardforce
Post by: Energy-Ingenuity on September 17, 2016, 02:16:38 PM
Fact number 1:  NO patent office in the world will issue a patent that is "perpetual motion".

Fact number 2:  Energy from Magnets has been patented in the USA which means that it has been proven not to be "perpetual motion".

Fact number 3:  My papers telling what is used and how to isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles has been excepted by a peer-reviewed journal which has been published as a short, small book.

Fact number 4:  The book, Wardfoce, makes this technology easy to understand and cheap to duplicate.

Fact number 5:  Qualified people whom are required to look at ALL of the evidence agree with my findings.

Fact number 6:  My door has always been open to anyone that wants to come to my Laboratory. 

Fact number 7:  No one puts everything on the internet.  Energy from Magnets is only one very small benefit to Wardforce.