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Title: a perfect generator/alternator design
Post by: lancaIV on September 12, 2016, 12:07:22 PM
This shall become a teamwork project:
each one can give his pro/cons !

A mix from open source and commercial solutions for private DIY-use.
For wind,water,bi-/tri-cycle ,Gen-sets,Rotoverter ......
                       energy/power capture and conversion page 12

We need details,risk disclosure,limits approvement !

Basic,fundamental: the conventional DC generator / AC alternator efficiency (mono-/polyphase)
and improvement

a. (  magnet array

b. (
              Double/Combined Coil Winding   

c. ( (
             Capacitor Power Maximizer,booster

d. (

e. (
             Generator induction coil/-s coating

f.Fred Miekkas optimizer solutions (

It is common to only load the shaft by one side, the stator fixed - the rotor moving cw or ccw

what becomes -relativistic view from the shaft center- different if the stator get rotor function
       cw-cw,cw-ccw,ccw-cw,ccw-ccw and each side with the same RPM-velocity
                                         from the rotor/rotor air gap view           

beginning with b.
Example : A wind turbine with Nominial 400 W ( manufacturer information ) generated at a wind speed of 20 m / sec . a power of 70 watts . After conversion of the generator windings combined the plant has already supplied at a wind speed of 5-6 m / sec . 140 watts . At 10-12 m / sec . about 320 watts were produced !

the second -combined- coil makes the 400 W nominal generator to a 400+400= 800 W generator !
70 W/400 W ~ 140 W/800 W advantage : less material,less resistance/drag

e. coating the above double winded generator coils gives theoretical 500+500=over 1000 Wmax  output,
if this claimed 33% output increase will become thrue.