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Offline lancaIV

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« on: September 02, 2016, 02:05:19 PM »
The Figuera/Buforn and Trilles electro-magnetic force amplifier will become intermittent devices,
accelerator with the function of energy source velocity amplifier.

Today known and used energy array(=battery) devices are mostly based by :
chemical cell and photoelectric cell couple, for Volta-ge or Ampére-ge changes,seriell or parallel

Now with elelctro-magnet cell arrays we can close the cycle and/or construct semi-in-/finite energy for work and power delivering machines.

The first important use : Pedelecs= range extender
                                       Air conditioning(heat / cool)

and the optimizing from the "solar photoelectric energy conversion" and the conventional electric motor work principle to pulse surges force drive :

"virtual solar"=artificial light source ,in-house or cave installed .
DC delivered energy stay DC : no alternating inrush current losts and huge inverter need and high C-battery-values.

An "electric power on-demand" system,artificial light source - electro-magnet array energy based .

A comparison : 1 qm 10% efficiency solar cell and 1500 KWh variable light energy per sqm gives
annually in average 125 KWh power output.
Losses caused by heat,panel/sun angle :light reflection/bandgap absorbing quality et cet.

10% efficiency photoelectric( solar or artificial) with Wp/sqm 150 W gives  up to :
150 W x 8766h= 1315 KWh per annum, 10-fold from average natural condition !

Or 10 x less photoelectric cell/modul/panel  need.

2-dimensional flat light absorbing area to 3-dimensional cubic concept with mirror gives up to 8x times more energy output density !

 80 sqm tect installation annual KWh gain ~ 1 cbm photoelectric conversion "cube" KWh gain per a.
Difference : the Wattpeak.                                         Difference : all day electric power delivery

The commercial costs of each Wp-installation,modul price 1US$/Wp up to 5US$/Wp ready to use system costs will go down to 0,5 US$/Wp modul and +/- 0,625 US$ Wp ready to use =installed !

                                   Up to 90% installed Wp price drop - in less than 2 years possible !
                                                                     Margin game !   


Multiple electro-magnets array discs driver working like flywheels
like publicated by the german inventor Oskar Becker will become alternatives to on-/off-shore wind parcs and water dam plants !

The cheapest actual contractual MWh delivery : 35 US$
Making developments for the 10$/MWh "business as usual".

Offline FatBird

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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2016, 02:39:01 AM »
Your post is USELESS because it doesn't have any photos, no examples, no drawings,
no schematics, no web site, Nothing.

Can't you do a little better than that?


Offline NRamaswami

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« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2016, 07:36:56 AM »

LancaIV has given the links already in the Figuera thread but there is intense opposition there to discuss any thing other than the  Figuera setup.  So he has started the new thread.  I have posted and followed LancaIV in te Figuera thread as well and the present post can be improved but calling it as useless is inaccurate. 



Online ramset

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« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2016, 11:43:02 AM »
Do you have a contact [phone or ?] for this inventor Henry Trilles [if he is still on the planet ??]?
Lanca repost from Figuera thread


Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE

« Reply #4101 on: September 03, 2016, 12:49:47 PM »


Here a google translation from the Henri Trilles amplifier description (the patent system own automatic translator works bad ) :
go to Drawings page 1 (9/11) from the original documents ( I calculate 16 couples ! ?)
there is also shown the pole direction from each e-magnet

Drawings page 2 (10/11) from the original document (I calculate 30 couples ! )

a simple 1-2 steps prototype (no need of full concept construction) is enough to approve the functionality


Amplifier Circuit Electric (fixed)

This invention project concerns the possibility of amplifying a primary current (AC) lt origine provided by a small generator (6 volts 0.35 amps) with a series of seats transformers has one after the other linked together until has come to have an electromotive force (voltage and amperage) sufficient to supply the engine of a direct electric motor or via 1 or 2 batteries buffers without being constantly obligee going to charge its batteries.

This circuit is based on the ability of alternating currents to be amplified by transformers.

At present an electric car supplied with power by 8 batteries 12 volts or 96 volts and consumes 2 amperes per km has a range of 80 to 90 km and the weight of these batteries handicap enormously.

So I thought through to provide an electrical current constantly renewed and therefore inexhaustible.

The set consists of 30 coils (wound with nickel silver wire). This metal has 30 resistivity will amplify together voltages and amperages.

All 2 coils form a pair they will be nested on a soft iron bar (annealing) of sufficient length to not only electricity by influence can be felt in one at the other.

3 couples (6 coils) will form a series.

These pairs are connected together by a wire with a capacitor and each series is connected to the next (oriented in the opposite direction to the first by an also wire with capacitor) that will go to the induced coil (the 2nd) of the last pair of series to the field coil of l torque of the new series.

And so on couples, series, systems (2 sets) with the same windings corresponding coils and therefore the same currents will lead us to the end of the circuit with a maximum voltage and amperage.

These systems will number 5 so 10 sets of 6 coils.     
1   coil
2   coils = 1 pair/couple
6   coils = 3 couples = 1 set/series
30 coils = 5 sets/series = 1 system                             x 2 = cw/ccw or positive/negative =AC

All or part of 5 'system be used to power the motor or
to charge the buffer battery or to give the current refrigerator
which will be housed in all coils.

We interposerons just outside the 5 'system a rectifier
because the AC obtained at the end circuit should be changed W
DC power to charge the battery.

A small dynamo is connected to the battery it will be used to train
mechanically with pulleys and belts the little generator providing
the starting current of the circuit.

Each pair of lead wire or serial number or system will have
a capacitor to allow current instead of being behind
the tension of being ahead and at least compensate for this delay. We inter
calerons also at the end of the circuit a rheostat for metering the quantities
current required for each new item.

Note: The dimensions of the refrigerator (or freezer) used
will depend on the dimensions of coils.

It was observed long ago that when inserting a magnet in a wound coil of copper wire (or other electrically conductive metal) is produced in the coil an electric current. And that when removing the magnet it is born in the coil of another current direction opposite to the previous. And if the fast is introduced and is removed from said coil magnet over this movement to introduce and remove are numerous and faster and the current increases rapidly.

We get the same result in even faster by using an electromagnet instead of the magnet and by sending alternating current.

The current changes direction many times (50 or more) per second will represent more rapid introduction and removal of the magnet and increase the power over it.       
                                                                                                =  50Hz (as example)

A coil induced by the electromagnet will have a power all the more powerful it will be yarn length subjected to the magnetic flux.

All the proposed circuit is based the above.

As we explained in the description and drawing the circuit is composed of 2 pairs of coils (wound with nickel wire resistivity 30) which will enable us better than copper of lower resistivity barely 1.56 to advance pair of voltages and amperage (all couples are numbered).

The primary current is supplied by a small generator (used at present to provide lighting to barely 6 volts bicycles and Oa, 35 an electromotive force of 2 watts, 15.

Our first task will be to increase the amperage (more powerful therefore the greatest electromotive force) torque n "1
We therefore bear the winding 10 of the coil (inductor) to 9 m on a nickel wire of 2 mm diameter is 6 this thread cross-sectional area of ​​5 mm2 30.

The resistance will be obtained 0.49 (related to the fact that over 15 m long nickel silver 2 mm in diameter so 3 14 mm2 section has a resistance of 1 ohm, 4).

The voltage is 6 volts we will get the amperage divided by 0.49 6 which will be 14 amperes (6 x 14 = 84 Watts) instead of 2.15 watts to the origin.

This coil turning soft iron bar electromagnet it will be much more powerful and provide the 2 "coil induced a stronger induction.

This new amperage (14a) was able to circulate in the winding wire of the coil induced thanks to the its thread section which is 5 mm 3 and allows to pass 14 amps widely (3 amps maximum can circulate per mm2 wire section).

The second coil on the same bar of soft iron (induced coil) will have a winding 6 m instead of 9 which will decrease the voltage and bring to 4 volts the wire section is also reduced from 5 mm 3 to 4 mm 52 we will have a 38 ohm resistor O by dividing the voltage by the resistance, a rating of 12 amps.

It is this current of 4 volts with 12 amps to be forwarded to the first coil (inductor) 20 following couple who will have the dual winding of the previous coil is 12 meters by 6 so a voltage that will be door 8 volts resistance of 0.66 so a rating of 8: 12a = 0.66 that will excite the electromagnet of the new couple.

The induced coil of this new couple with a winding 15 mm for 6.15 of a section of O ohm resistor 71 carry the new DC 10 volts 0.71 = 14 amperes by the wire connecting them will excite electro magnet flowing in the field coil 30 of the last couples of the series and we will finish the series with a current raised to 14 volts and 16 a.

Everything is explained in the attached table.

The current obtained at the end of this series will be transmitted to the next series inverted relative thereto ie the current will go in the opposite direction and the two coils (the latter induced) of the leer and the series ( first induction) in the following series will be placed as close (to avoid any length of wire off the windings).

And thus torque couple of series in series systems systems (a system 2 series 1 series 3 couples, 1 couple 2 coils) in all 5 systems we get to the end of the circuit to the last induced coil there a catch thread fairly large section reccueillera the resulting current.

The lengths of wire, section resistances, voltages, amperages couples will be exactly the same for all five similar systems 10 system.

At the end of each system as at the end of each series last coil induced transmit its power to the first induction coil in the following series reversed from the previous (so that we will no longer need alternator) which therefore used only for the 10 pair of the whole.

At the end of each system a current of 6 volts and 1 ampere maximum will be charged to fuel 1 "field coil of the next system. So at the end of the first 4 systems we have 28 volts 6 volts for the next system will 22 volts and 28 amps to the last system in total 22 x 4 = 88 + 22 = 116 volts and 23 amps 5 times = 115 amps.

At the end of the 50 system we will have 116 volts and 115 amps.

A rheostat allow us to control the amount of current to each of the elements that follow.

A rectifier connected between the end of the circuit and the battery for example, we will transform the alternating current into direct current to charge the battery or batteries to 6 amps hour.

This or these batteries will feed the refrigerator (400 watts 12 wolts one kilowatt per 24 hours) and will turn the dynamo using pulleys and belts will cause the alternator mechanically.

If 96 volts are required to walk from the car engine, we will remain 20 volts for these functions and a lot of amps.
 End Snip

Chet K

Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2016, 12:53:20 PM »
Your post is USELESS because it doesn't have any photos, no examples, no drawings,
no schematics, no web site, Nothing.

Can't you do a little better than that?

Are you in hurry,fatbird,or why do you behave in Julius Gaius manner "veni,vidi,vici" and risc a fail ?

As "Infinite" we can call the "working re-/charge process" but we have to define the material work-hour to make KW/ and KWh/ price/-s
comparision possible.
There are several system (known,publicated) options,which from these will become sustainable  ?

Using the conventional energy converter ( many decades trial/error and success results included) and optimizing the energy conversion efficiency by new methods !
« Last Edit: September 04, 2016, 06:08:46 PM by lancaIV »

Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2016, 01:04:16 PM »
inside the Trilles espacenet documents you see above the FR-Register link,
which let you enter to the french patent office register and there are  three Trilles publications to find - all without his or patent lawyer address !

The patent office can only give to us his last -1998-(last correspondence) address ,we will not know if he is alive or living in the same homestead !

But technically the working process  in his papers is well exposed and documented !

Offline forest

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« Reply #6 on: September 04, 2016, 01:10:53 PM »
It's almsot the same as Perrigo did in 1918 :-)

Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #7 on: September 04, 2016, 01:26:52 PM »
Many of us have studied the total (ever growing) rexresearch archive ;)

About power density,not an actual concern,of using the nuclear forces from elementar magnetism :
To clarify the operation of this embodiment according to the invention, the following dimensioning of the transformer windings is given using Figure 17 as an example, the iron cores being dimensioned in accordance with the manner usual for transformers:

- winding 81: 1000 windings, 220 V/50 Hz, 5 A at full load;
 - winding 82: 1 winding, 5000 A;
- winding 84: 1000 windings, 5000 A;
 - winding 85: 1100 windings, 4500 A, 220 V/50 Hz.

 From the above example it is evident that, with a coil 82 having 5000 ampere windings, a flux variation of 5000000 ampere windings can be generated with the superconducting coil 84. Accordingly, a generated power of 990 kW can be drawn from the terminals 89 for a power supplied to the connecting terminals 88 of 1 . 1 kW, and this corresponds to a power gain of approximately a factor of 1000. In the variant indicated in Figure 18 of this fourth embodiment, a two-phase system has been assumed. In a further variant of this embodiment, the latter can also be constructed according to a three-phase system. In the above described variant, a mains frequency of 50 Hz has also been assumed. These embodiments may, however, also be used for other frequencies. [/size]

5000000 "ampere windings"(~rotations/revolution) = 1000 turns winding coil x 5000 A

990 KW :        1/1000 of this value   0,99 KW as target for the home heating system
                                                           600 Watt for an averagde sized (US and elsewhere) home
 The “Rolling Lumens Heater” consists of an 8″×8″×4″ electrical junction box with six lampholders mounted on the exterior of the box. A 100 watt light bulb is placed in each of the lampholders. A 120 volt ac line supplies voltage to the interior of the junction box where each of the lampholders is connected in parallel to the line. The junction box is installed in the cold air return of a forced air furnace or in an enclosure through which hot water pipes travel in a hot water heating system. When the lamps are illuminated, the air driven by an 8 inch fan through the cold air return, or enclosure, is heated to a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated air is then pushed through the heating system to the registers and out into the rooms where the temperature remains constant at 70 degrees. The cost of operating this system is approximately $30.00 per month for an average size home. No petroleum or fossil fuels are burned in this process with no resultant environmental pollution and inherent health hazards.

                                            Bringing down the autonomous (foldable ? portable ?) house construction market prices,
                                            included energy system and white/grey/no more black water cycle
                                            250 US$/sqm or 25 US$/sqft Ramon Kalinowski 15000 US$ FPB
  (exposed in )

and this aluminium A-frame house 10000 US$/64 sqm as            idea prototype

and the morphing (space and volume gain ) concept

Federation of American Scientists : 32-38 sqm Starter      Family House 
                                                        72-78 sqm Expanded Family House

relocateable society movement

Online ramset

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« Reply #8 on: September 04, 2016, 03:01:53 PM »
I really like your new thread,


Chet K

Offline FatBird

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« Reply #9 on: September 04, 2016, 10:02:29 PM »
How can we look at some drawings, pictures, or schematics?


Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #10 on: September 04, 2016, 10:27:01 PM »
on the left side from the page you see the different documents in e-paper format
or as "original document" e-copy.
Enter (in the original page) and look for the wished information:

Bibliographic Data
Original document

Offline FatBird

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« Reply #11 on: September 04, 2016, 11:57:12 PM »
I did that, but I don't see how that is relevant to what's being discussed here.


Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #12 on: September 05, 2016, 12:23:48 AM »
Clearly,it is ! And makes part from a global program !

At first    : definition of the average sustainable -per capita- consume !
                         Future Order:   Rationalism ;)   over-consume limiting
                 defining priority : Wattpeak limit

Seconds : the energy/power/natural source !
                 renewable fuel sources(gas,liquid,solid)
                 DC,pulsed DC,AC electricity;Volt-grid ?
society consume standart ( per capita eco-budget)

How many sqm/cbm living area per capita ?
Average ambiental in-house temperature ?
How many litre water consume ?

How many KWh-energy consume per capita per day ?
Kitchen-/bath appliances energy consume reduction !

TARGET : optimizing the energy Wp and KWh consume to such a level,that only more a 1KW-FE-       
generator will be the autonomous household power source !
Federation of American Scientists :,%20Safe%20Housing%20based%20on%20EPS.pdf

 32-38 sqm Starter Family House                  72-78 sqm Expanded Family House

                                                                    ~ less than 60 sqm morphing foldable portable building
Super-insulated clothing could eliminate need for indoor heating

From the above view I would have to agree, "eliminate need for indoor heating" system
So no more 600 W per household,but 12 Wattp per capita body heating energy will be the standart !

Fat is ugly,fat=oversized consume,too !

Low consume society ! No credit ! Cash or barter finance system !

automobile industry change :
In Europe the max.traffic velocity in the cities will become 30 Km/h= 1 KW electric motor sufficient
or bicycle pedalling
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Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #13 on: September 05, 2016, 11:27:25 AM »
                                                        The FE-generator dimension ?

                          Kitchen/bath appliances consume ? Living area heating/cooling ?

f.e.:  = moveable pantry-kitchen : housemaker

Duche : water and energy saving
365 days water collection,electricity-free : solar condensation and fog/rain collector
and (no /low e) recycling:

black water : compostingtoilett like in this modern cabin used

Electric appliances consume list :

with better efficiency motors and heat elements                                               1500 Wh/ 24h                                       
included syn-gas-owen(toaster,hot water kettel)

refrigerator:                                           100 Wh/24h

Light:                                                                      100Wh/24h

                      Making  the 200 Watt compact generator sufficient for the urban eco-household !
                        With storage battery=puffer.(=conventional ,approved technology : 5000 cycles charger )
                    ( urban citizen households can begin to reduce their consume to this 200 W per hour on-grid delivery maximum)

    200 Watt x 12 h x 0,80(battery input and output conversion losts) x 0,85(charger losts):
                      DC output/DC consumer (or AC inverter x 0,85) : 250 Ah battery-set
+  200 Watt x 12 h direct energy conversion to consumer  (heat,cool,movement,light)

You have fat livingpartners ,a healthy solution,"social movement" :
but let them do this outdoor

a commercial mobile chalet with up to1 week autonomous living range :
Infrastructural independence
All required energies, light and warmth are won from sun radiation. With the roof area sufficient drinking water can be won. Efficient house technology safe to operate makes drinking water, hot-water, heating and electricity in a sufficient quantity available for convenient use. A hot-water solar collector as well as a Photovoltaik collector are core of the plant for the electricity generation. For electricity storage a heat accumulator and a greater accumulator capacity is installed. Several days can therefore be bridged without solar radiation.

An alternative to this " (natural electromagnetic) sun radiation" will become the solution for
autonomous grid-independant living.

And/or "electro-magnetic radiation" will become part of the energy conversion system:

There is not the need to re-invent the wheel, only a well sized electric generator

and developing from the fundamentals :
                                                    A house must provide shelter from the elements and physical harms

                                                                                             Yes !         

                                                                                 Good idea,bad price result !

                                                                             Re-engineering simple life !

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Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #14 on: September 05, 2016, 03:09:05 PM »
The searched FE-generator dimension : between 200W up to 1000W(=less battery capacity need) output permanent
                                                                C.O.P. ?

                      static = electro-magnetic DC force amplifying/au(g)menting process by revolving the electro-magnetic lines
                             (and getting the fire-stone against fire-stone=pyrit effect: pyro/flash/burst/signal/pulse/ignition)       

Figuera/Buforn static electro-magnetic power amplifier   (generator) original and modificated

Henri Trilles static power amplifier

Rafael Martinez Gutierrez static power amplifier (generator)

Keiichiro Asaoka static dynamo

Paul Lucien Galey static electrical power generator

Which input electricity kind ? Which amplifier/generator output kind ,Voltage Amperage Frequency ?
Consumer : DC ? AC (HV ?)? Pure sinewave (50/60/ HF ?) ? Converter/Inverter needs ? Rectifier ?

The input energy battery source and consumer energy buffer :
250 Ah x 12 V + charger + inverter + recharge process to DC rectifier
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