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Author Topic: NASA disproved Einstain's relativity finally. Thanks NASA !!  (Read 3589 times)

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NASA disproved Einstain's relativity finally. Thanks NASA !!
« on: August 23, 2016, 01:31:22 AM »
Sensational NASA Empiricism Enlightenment

NASA disproved Einstain's relativity finally !! Thanks NASA !!

I wanted not to touch an electronics engineering any more, but again there was experimental fact indicating that in an electronics engineering they do not understand what they have created.

Sensation — not for me. The matter is that it is one of the major modern sciences represents a set of technological instructions on creation of ultra high frequency microwave vacuum electron devices — clear the empiricist.

Main rule of any technological science is: "Do as it is specified — you will get the necessary result."
In such science there are practically no questions: "Why?... How?" Because on them the correct answers are unknown.

One of such questions is the question about the rate of propagation of radio emissions.!!

Their, all the time called electromagnetic, but slowly began to comprehend that it not so. At first , they allocated from it a magnetic component, and, without having understood that they have created, have began to call it the "torsion radiation" or "torsion field", and then, here and there began to guess that all radio communication works only at an electric component  (photon radiation), of an initial electromagnetic radiation, vaguely suspecting that electromagnetic radiations live not long. At the same time, continuing to believe lier Einstain that radio emission speed is same, as at light.

So it is difficult to blame technicians that they forgot about the law of philosophy which name — transition of quantity to quality.

Prosaicness of consciousness of people, limited to a professional framework which heavy chains kowtows to the person is shown, depriving of a view of a celestial scope, depriving of the free flight of relaxed thought.

And the made mention law of transition of quantity to quality says that the photon having the speed of 300 000 km/s is perceived as the light when its speed decreases, it already proves as a thermal radiation and if still continue to reduce its speed, then it is radio radiation at which rate of propagation is obliged to be lower than speed of the ligh.

This philosophical concept at last received the experimental confirmation.

The NASA space experiment with successful disembarkation to the planet Mars, research frame station helped to check this situation.  There were disclosed important data on experiment in the USA about time of passing  radio signal from NASA reasearch frame station at Mars till the Johnson Space Center mission control in Houston  and shed a light about real measured speed.
Well it turned out that visible light from the Mars (distance to the Earth — 55,76•106 km) to Earth goes as and it is necessary to it, three minutes, and radio signal passes this distance in fifteen minutes. Then this information was quickly closed by NASA.

At the first moment, for pleasure of safe disembarkation of the scientific module on Mars, heads and performers for larger reliability of result gave out all objective informations about operation of the module on Mars slightly more. Then, someone from NASA relativists chiefs came round that there is a contradiction to the official Main Stream Science, and soon CIA has covered all this informations.

But as in Russia said "The word is not a sparrow, once you will let out, you will not catch agin".

Einstain's NASA relativists hide real informations because they are afraid of the truth. Such is a pseudo science in fact. But to us it is necessary, however, and at last to find a Truth and, we will receive it.

Really, at the time of disembarkation to the Mars, NASA scientific frame station, the distance between the Earth and Mars was 158 million km. (158•106 km), and radio signals overcame this distance in 16 minutes (960 seconds), or in other words they have had a speed:

V=15 • 106km/960sec. ≈164•103 km/s.

It is almost twice less than light velocity (300 • 103km/s).

From these data it is possible and valuable for us to determine anode accelerating voltage of the transmitter from NASA scientific frame station at Mars.

This voltage can be found from the well known formula from electronics engineering: V=5,95 • 105√U.

This experimental formula show the rate of propagation of corpuscular kinetic fields by accelerating tension in the first approximation.

So √U = V/5,95 105=164•106 (m/s)/5,95 105=270, U≈73 kV.

What tells us this experimental fact about?

Tell this:
Everything, so-called "electromagnetic" radiations have the corpuscular, but not the wave nature.

Rate of propagation of corpuscular kinetic fields is defined by the accelerating voltage (tension) and at first approximation, can be found from the well known formula in electronics engineering: V=5,95 • 105√U.

These, Corpuscular Kinetic Fields take place in nature as magnetic fields and electric fileds, and their intrinsic components (dipole magnetic particles) and photons (electric particles) are contained in electron's structure. The electron is the shell-less structure and containing ≈3•1010 photons and dipole magnetic particles which were knocked out from it by inertial forces of microwave vacuum electron devices. The mass of these particles and the approximate sizes are specified.

In the Mother nature there is no "indivisible" electron.!! Existing electro-magnetic dynamics are not true. !!

ps: Saga will continue !!  :D

pps: "Physics stands on a stable foundation of the facts, but not on drift sand of imaginary hypotheses", E. Rutherford.