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Secure the coils in the best way?

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Secure the coils in the best way?


I didnt know if i should post this thread/question here but i did it anyway. :/ :)

I am working on a replication on the Romerouks Muller Dynamo and i have wound all the 18 coils, but i am not sure how i can secure them to the plywood (i didnt have the tools to cut plexiglass) so the coils are in place, and i still will be able to tune with magnets.

I have hit the wall here, and im kind of stuck.
Right now i am using zip ties and today i found when i tried to put the rotor on the shaft,  in between the plywood sheets the magnets on it attracted the ferrite cores and jumped out of their place.

If it helps i may be able to post a picture of the mess.  :)

I hope you will understand what my problem is, im not very good at english. But i think you hopefully will. 

Feel the resolution in saying that it is we want to stay fit.


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