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Title: Unable to Post on
Post by: ourbobby on June 21, 2016, 11:00:15 AM
         I have been trying to post on this thread ""
some of my examples and I keep getting this message "You already submitted this post!  You might have accidentally double clicked or tried to refresh the page".

Can some one reset this thread or explain Why I am getting this message.

Thank you
Title: Re: 12V 60A car battery , maybe dead?
Post by: ourbobby on June 21, 2016, 01:22:22 PM
         Contrary to Groundloop's comments that it is advisable to only charge single batteries, I am currently charging three batteries in parallel. I am using the original circuit from page 1. However, I have made some changes to the values of components. I have a trifilar coil already wound on a Bedini Spool, it is 20awg and length of single wire loop is 25 meters. It is 235 turns and is air core. I have changed the capacitor to 390nf. The frequency , obviously, is altered by the size of the, so I have 50ohm 5Wt in series with the pot which is reading 296 Ohms. Base current 180ma. I am using a BU326A. The frequency is showing 91KHz.

I have found over the past couple of weeks that the batteries are charging more quickly after each discharge, and these three parallel batteries are following the same pattern. I refer to John Bedini's comment about "conditioning" batteries, as I now feel that this might be occurring. If so, ultimately, these batteries will start to perform very well. In the pics the Pulse is at the collector.