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Title: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on June 14, 2016, 05:55:32 AM
Hi All,

This is an updated list of 2019 how to get free Bitcoins BTC and also other Altcoins.
As we move now into digital crypto currencies, where the banks have no control anymore about our money,it is finally time to learn how cryptocurrencies work and try it out yourself.
Here are some easy ways to get free digital crypto coins on Faucet websites, where you can earn Satoshis andLitoshis or BitCoin Cash or Dogecoins for free and transfer them to your own wallets or to an exchange to trade them for other coins or also sell them for fiat money like US$ or Euros or UK pound or simular...

Here are some great Websites for 2019, which work great, as I have tested them,
where you can get a few Micro or Nano- Bitcoins ( called  Satoshis ) for free, by just clicking and
answer the capture codes, so the website knows you are a human and not a script or a bot and will give you this digital money for free...
( Basically it is paid by you looking at the advertisement on the pages, so no adblocker can be used to go there and claim there...)
It is very easy.
If you don´t yet have a BitCoin wallet, you can get a free good and secure one over there: (
But you don´t really need for now a personal wallet, as all these sites have an online wallet integrated into their sites for youto use freely, where the money is first collected. until you withdraw it from them...Then surely you need a wallet, but you can alsodirectly withdraw it to an Exchange like BTCPOP, where you can trade the coins to another Altcoin currency.

So now you can get free Bitcoins over here ( Updated List for 2019 ) : ( (

On these 2 sites you can claim every 60 minutes and these are really trustworthy. The claimed funds are collected there
first for you, until you have more than the threshold payout funds... You can also transfer some additional
Satoshis or Dogecoins over there to be over the payout threshold  and then Withdraw the money faster to a site like
BTCPOP or Tradesatoshi.

Now the next site is a mastersite that hosts 7 subsites, where all the claimed and collected money goes into, so you have a dashboard for all the coins there and can convert them into each other and transfer them outof the mastersite to an exchange or to your personal wallet on your own Ledger or so..
So this is the mastersite:
Coinpot (

Please register there first with your main emaiil adress.
Then when you have done this, go to these 7 subsites by clicking these links below andput your email adress, with which you also registered an coinpot.cointo these subsites. This way all the claims you do at these subsites go into wallets and you can control it all from there..which is really a very time saving advantage. ( ( ( ( ( ( (

So now you can claim your Bitcoins, Litecoins and BTC Cash und Doge Coins directly at these 7 sites above, but all the money is collected a Coinpot and can easily transfered or converted to the other currencies over there...

For best fasted claim usage just make yourself some shortcuts on the browser menu bar, so you have a one click access to these links above and can claim every 15 minutes or so your next round...

This way you will have after one day already lots of funds to transfer to an exchange and buy other things with it...

And here is another nice faucet and Exchange and Staking Site: (

Here you can claim every 30 minutes for new free Altcoins.

But it is not just a cool faucet, but also a nice Staking site for POS ( Power of Staking ) coins..

That means, just for holding your coins there in the wallets you will get also free coins like interest on these currencies...

Especially the coin HUZU is staking in this moment very nicely...( No investment advice, just my personal opinion)

A little Tip, if you want to transfer money from Coinpot to exchanges like
it is best to use the Doge Coin, as it is much faster than to use BTC and also has less fees.
Do best convert your other Altcoins first to Dogecoins and then transfer from CoinPot to Tradesatoshi
to your Doge coin wallet there and then you can buy with dogecoin some other coins and then transfer back to
your BTCPOP staking wallets, so you can get also some "interest" on these POS coins at BTCPOP.

Also if you just want to earn money by listening to your favourite music,there is now also a domain, where you can earn money by listening to your favourite radio station. (

You are paid there in BRO coins and then can transfer them to BTCPOP forfurther staking.
They also have an IOS App and soon an Android App for listening on your phone.

If you have some spare Satoshis or Dogecoins left we would be really happy to get some
donated, so we can pay the hosting fees and you will support our work over here with it.

We already are running the overunity site since 1997, so already 22 years now and we never
asked yet about money support from you..
And the income from Youtube has almost completely shut down... ;(
So 2019 is a very bad year for me so far and I really could need now some help
from you, as illness with my broken hand had struck me and it is not fully cured yet...
Many many thanks !

Our Bitcoin Wallet is:


(Only Bitcoins ( Satoshis) can be sent to this wallet)


Note:Depositing tokens to this address other than  DOGE will result in your funds being lost.
Deposits from Smart Contracts/Multisig wallets are not supported yet. Please send directly from your personal address.

LTC Wallet:
( Only Litecoins - LTC or Litoshis can be sent there..)

ETH Wallet

Only ETH Ethereum can be sent there...

Many many thanks for your support. ;)

Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on February 05, 2019, 06:21:07 AM
be sure to read the updated version Above for this year 2019 !
Then also read about the other new great Tube coin for 2019 and the monetisation you can get from it now andhave a great alternative Videohosting platform as a competition to Youtube, where you will earn much more in the Futurethan from Youtube...

See this.

Title: Re: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on February 07, 2019, 05:40:09 AM
Well, only one user has so far checked out the new links in the first posting....and signed up with my links...

Why don´t you ALL try to check this out also ?
As these are Referral links, I would really appreciate it , if you would signup via my links to help the forum a bit.
If you will claim there each day the Satoshis and Altcoins, you will also get a Bonus of 1 % each day, so after 100 days your claim´s payout will be doubled...on some Faucets of these, you can already claim again each 5 minutes, so you can quickly get more coins..
If you do this consistenly over the day, you can easily get  to a payout of 200 Doge or more. depending how many claims you do each day..

To get something back from me, for signing up via my links, I will give everyone a free Premium Bitradio update, so you will make more BRO coins per day,
when you hear your favourite radio stations.
Just send me via private email over here your bitradio username and I will look up,if you are in my downline, when you have signed up with my link: (

and then send you the 1.01 Bro to get the
Premium account upgrade.
For this you have to send me your wallet address in the Profile / Premium section at (

where is says:
"Deposit - Simply send BRO to following address"
Please Copy  this wallet address and then send it in a Private message to me over here and I will transfer the Bro amount to this wallet so you will
get a Premium account for one month for free.

Also add under Profile at
Payout-Wallet (BRO)
a BRO Wallet adress from either (

or download the Bitradio wallet software and create this way your own BRO wallet address...

on BTCPOP you can also stake your coins, so there they will pay some "interest" dues to staking...
so in my view it is the preferred method and you can also easily sell them there for other altcoins,
as BTCPOP also has an integrated exchange, which is pretty nice...

Hope this helps and hope to see more signups , so please do it now, if you want to get a free Premium account...and can listen the whole day to your favourite music and earning money doing it at the same time..There is already an IOS app and soon an Android app for bitradio, so you can also do this on the go in the bus or on the road..

Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on April 04, 2019, 04:31:05 PM is very reliable also with payouts.
A friend won last´s month 8th place in the competition challenge to get the most stars on this Claiming platform.
He got 500.000 by claiming each day 750 claims.
But Beware of the banner Ads which promises you something like  to get "Double your money in 1 day" and these types...
These are only Scam Ads and if you transfer your bitcoins to their wallets, you will never see it again !!!
There are no real Free bitcoins, all is paid by just advertisement there...

So as they pay out the claims very reliable, be sure to not send any coins to these ads, promising you the heaven...and not delivering and scamming you...They only want your coins you will get nothing in return.
Also be sure to never disable your Antivirus software there...
I always get Javascript Miners on these pages which pop up.. but fortunately my Avast Antivir blocks them...
Anyway, these upper 7 sites, that you can claim from work very well, but the capture codes are sometimes a bit annoying to fill out...
But anyway, you can easily build up some nice coin foundation to invest later into other altcoins.
Happy Claiming.
Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on May 11, 2019, 11:26:41 PM
If you want to get a nice free Doge Coin miner, get this one: ( - Dogecoin cloud mining
Title: Re: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on May 16, 2019, 03:21:48 PM
I also bought a miner in Dogebank and it pays out quite nicely, but be aware, that it could be a Ponzi system andyou never know, how long such a system will last...So better pay out your miner rewards early, cause it could stop already after a few months....

Title: Re: Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency
Post by: hartiberlin on May 16, 2019, 03:26:22 PM
Now as the Bitcoin price has been raised so much, it is again profitable to mine Bitcoin again...
A good cloud mining  is (

If you get a Cloud miner over there you can get it 3 % less with this

Promo Code:


1. Step: Just register there with your email adress.
2. Step: Verify your email adress via email.
3. Step: Buy your package that you wish to have,  e.g. 5 TerraHashes/sec for about 132,80 US$ per year and give in the Promocodeto reduce the price to 128 US$ e.g. with creditcard.
4. Step: After about 2 to 3 days you will get your Hashpower so you can mine Bitcoin or also other coins.Default coin is Bitcoin, but you can also mine several other coins like LTC, BCH, Doge, DASH, etc...

P.S. This is my opinion. No financial advice, only invest what you can afford to loose...