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Title: Recycling of high entropy
Post by: Apomass on June 13, 2016, 01:29:44 PM
Vacuum or dark energy may be related with the state of high entropy. Thus, the use of this energy is to be achieved by certain recycling.

The device, which would recycle energy from high to low entropy may have a basis in the original design, by pattern of shapes and equations discover through examination of elementary particles.

Dark energy is very strange because it indicates that photons particles can still ,,die'', through the expansion of space and complete expansion photons wave, as happens in a black hole. Then, the photon, not as a particle and not as a wave, but rather as a ,,shape'', can experience dispersion throughout the space-time, as the final, maximum entropy.

By discovery of the right shape, the structure of photons, and the discovery of the original mechanism which made this structure (through quantum cosmology, inflationary cosmology and the like), through a template, we can make a mechanical device that by system of rotor, lever and other ways can collect a maximum disordered energy and converts it into usable energy, so much so that the apparatus can be self-complements and contribute to making electricity.

I have drawings and plans, but I would prefer to start with speculation and assumptions.
Title: Re: Recycling of high entropy
Post by: dieter on June 14, 2016, 03:35:10 AM
Isn't Dark Energy even more speculative than the "Standard Model"?

I certainly agree with you in that certain aspects of the known particles' life cycle are still unexplained and/or highly speculative.

Doctrine also forces research to keep on thinking inside the box.

For instance, Mendelev predicted the discovery of 2 elements, lighter than hydrogen. And I in fact support the view that no wave can propagate without a medium. So, where does that lead me to, when I include a possible "aether"?

What are the options? Element zero, consisting of a positron with an electron in its orbit?

Whatever it is, if it is something, it may play a role, not only in the missing link between the vanished photon of yours, but probably in the fabric of space itself.

But please, feel free to tell us more about your ideas.

That being said, personally I'm around quite infrequently.

Title: Re: Recycling of high entropy
Post by: Apomass on June 14, 2016, 05:11:13 PM
I hope I will achieve something. There's not much ,,arguments'', it should do the experiment and give mathematical analysis.

What it leads me, it is a firm belief that we can reach the boundaries of nature itself, and in this place to show how the man actually specific in its creativity. Technically, we may never get to empirical knowledge about the nature, because we are physically too unable to make, for example, so powerful particle accelerators. However, we have math, geometry, and nothing prevents us to investigate the weirdest assumptions, and by them we make templates for experiments.
Title: Re: Recycling of high entropy
Post by: dieter on June 14, 2016, 07:21:50 PM
Although I am not that much of a Math person, and I may even accuse the establishment from time to time to use math as an excuse for not getting their hands dirty with "experimental physics", I certainly am encouraging you to do your experiments and calculations.

Speaking of entropy and recycling of loss, you may lookup "Duncan s' Paradox", which  basicly is just that. Considering the kinetic energy of gases being an opportunity for studies of this kind, this "Duncan Paradox", which was actually successfully performed in a lab, may indeed be "Maxwell s' Demon" that came true, as Lord Kelvin named it so characteristicly. (Actually Kelvin said much rubbish, such as X-Rays are made-up hoaxes, airplanes are impossible, etc., however).

So how would your experiment look like?
Title: Re: Recycling of high entropy
Post by: Apomass on June 14, 2016, 09:23:46 PM
Related with this topic, we should look what we really know about entropy, what is based on the so-called quantum information. Next, we need to somehow all of that connect it with the so-called string theory, namely with its realm on extra dimensions and, most basically, with certain shapes that are required in this story.

I'm not adept at math. That I would let others. Just I would give the form to calculate.

I am occupied with making patterns and plan for the mechanism, the apparatus, which would constitute the basis of whole story. It will be a rotor with a number of levers and other interior parts. Soon I'm going to present a picture of it.

Sorry about my imperfect inglish.
Title: Re: Recycling of high entropy
Post by: dieter on June 14, 2016, 09:36:24 PM
No problem at all. I'm looking forward to seeing your graphics. But for now I'm out in the green for a while, see you guys in a couple of days.