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Title: Steve Ryan of Biosfuel
Post by: massive on May 28, 2016, 11:14:35 PM
Ive recently gone in search of any info of Biosfuel .
internet archives have the original biosfuel website removed  ....even though the search is still active

Steve Ryans technique was never disclosed and no one has a theory . Electrolysis is the only theory , explaination and calculation scientists can fall back on

a catalytic converter does not have a power supply yet it functions , converting CO into CO2 .
If anything the converter is negative earth , being bolted to the chassis
Sarah Hall , the 60 minutes reporter got to see the insides of Steves cell , stating there is no battery and no electricity

I havent seen this Blog before , probably alot of people havent
Title: Re: Steve Ryan of Biosfuel
Post by: massive on July 09, 2016, 10:41:09 AM
I saw the two 60 minutes shows when they aired in 05 + 07.

I read article on pesn on bios fuel, then re-watched the 60 minutes show , panasonic world solar challenge 2007 .

the 1989 toyota used 60% waste oil + 40% water bonded by catalyst . it also used a bios fuel Eco tube which does not resemble a GEET at all .
the catalyst is the intelectual property , if theres no catalyst the process doesnt work .

60 minutes :
"scruntineers ensure the evil looking mixture is the principle fuel thats being used to run the vehicle"
"theres no hidden fuel tanks"
"the fuel tank is actually sitting on the seat for everyone to see , theres is no where that you can hide fuel in this vehicle"

there is NOT 60% petrol running that Toyota , Panasonic scrutineers check fuel . why Mark Dansie has gone there .....?
its easier to say I dont know than to steer things way off , reality is NO ONE knows or knew what bios fuel team discovered

Title: Re: Steve Ryan of Biosfuel
Post by: ramset on July 09, 2016, 11:32:36 AM
Not Mr. Ryan
but not a secret either

35 KW load 50% water emulsification


Title: Re: Steve Ryan of Biosfuel
Post by: jabowery on October 22, 2018, 12:24:11 AM

Now saying it gives marginal improvement in fuel efficiency -- probably via water emulsion or something.