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Title: Would this work with some fine tuning?
Post by: Ellz on May 23, 2016, 12:57:57 PM
I've had an idea for this device for a long time.
Apologies to the intelligent people if this is a silly idea but on my crude and basic understanding of all the relevant subjects I'll post my picture and explain my thinking.
Not sure if the picture will show but Ill post a URL to it anyways. (

In the picture the idea is as follows:

Using gravity you drop an object (i call it a power block) down a cable/chain that has cogs that turn when interacting with the cable/chain.
By the time it reaches the half way point of the cable/chain it has generated enough energy to start turning the cable chain. As this process continues it provides a sort of (bad choice of words) infinite feedback loop. The power block will continue to fall down the cable whilst generating electricity as the cable is moving upwards.
The system would have to be tuned so that the weight is not too heavy so that the cable can have enough time to pull it back up. And the cable would have to be long enough for the system to generate enough in order to start it off.
You could even add solar panels to assist and further increase the power generation.

I understand the concepts where free energy is physically impossible, however this isn't free energy. It's using gravity and friction against it to generate power whilst keeping the system in a sort of equilibrium. And i see it as getting up to terminal velocity speeds if tuned properly.

Now there are most likely a lot of reasons why this won't work, such as the cable wouldn't be able to keep up with the falling weight for the reasons that the generators can't keep up.

But perhaps piling lot of generators onto the power block, using that as the weights that pull it down, maybe that would generate the necessary energy required.

And the surplus energy generated would be then directed elsewhere.

What do people think?