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Title: Charging car battery with different devices, regulated
Post by: VMP100 on May 09, 2016, 03:10:15 AM
Hello Members,

It’s great to be here!
This is the first time that I am getting into green/free energy devices.

I have a question about charging a car battery, I thought I ask it here :).

My goal is to keep one car battery charged by different green energy devices like (for example) a small solar panel, wind turbine and a small magnetic motor. All which produce various volts, some with high voltage spikes too.

I would probably need different sources that deliver enough amps to keep the battery charged when it is in use, like with an inverter.
My question is, how can all these different power sources get into the battery without the power/volts disturbing each other?
I know that there are 'Solar Charge Battery Regulator for solar panels’ etc
Amps can be high that get into the battery, but volt should be 12 volts, as I understand.
If I would use three different devices to charge one single battery, should all of them need separate regulators? I am just not sure about that part when all the different power sources come together on that single plus and minus terminal of the battery.
I know some very basic electronics, so If I can make a regulator myself with an available circuit then I could purchase the separate parts via ebay, that would be more affordable.
Looking forward to your reply, thanks!