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real free energy with capacitors thru inductance

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As far as free energy is concerned I've found it. And it was so in my face the hole time. Here I go again! When you look at the formula for a set of caps in series each one is a reciprocal of the total every were you look on the net you get that answer and it's true as far as they go .what they didn't tell you was that the capacity is spread out being that the plates are spread out .the total is equal to the original single cap so they say that there's no real advantage that is if they are all the same uf. To start with .what's not said is by spreading out the charge you increase the inductance side of the charge and reduce the conductive side .with 5 caps is a series the first plate is charged by conductance the rest by inductance aka free. The string is under strain by the first positive plate and has to   regauge. It's potential to match the first plates level and there by balance every thing out . the energy to do this is pulled from the earth .you can put a amp meter in line with the ground and see it working. Then when the string settles down the caps can be fired off and evey thing started again and again and again. I've done this .with a inverter a bridge rectifier  and two big caps 60 uf I could repeatedly flash off a 4 or7 watt light blub on both caps and watch the amp meter as every thing refilled over and over the thing with the string the more caps the less energy you need to do this. Each new cap splits off some of the total charge and the charging plate needs less charge to fill it. I've used around 119 volts DC Thu my inverter and let the negative lead hang unconnected in mid air !. With more caps the charge gets smaller on each one but each one has the same charge on it the voltage is reduced witch can be a  good thing because that gets you to the point that you can use solid state but the total charge is still there but a lot less is needed to create it. The only ground is Thu the last cap.  If you just use two caps you get 50/50 on the system you pay for one you get one free ! But if you use more caps the energy is divided up  but the conductance and inductance remains and the ratio changes between them. Ben Franklin  demonstrated  this and referred to it as a economical way to charge Leyden jars.   Could you tell me how my light bulbs are firing off with out my negative connected ? O by the way with an small isolation transformer and a bridge rectifier you can do this on both the positive and negative lead using the same ground ! The transformer will be a door bell transformer used in reverse so I can get 400 volts to get close to by caps rating of 450. And a choke cap before it to reduce the power down to be safe . well there's most of it .PS don't be confused by the different voltages on the caps in the string the charge is all the same on each but the capacitance has changed due to the string series. Jim out. Please replicate .

Can you provide a schematic please? it must be helpfull for the one who English is not their motherthong...   ;)
Thank you! :)

What would happen if you tried this with supercaps of say...100F?  Even 10 farad might be interesting to see.



I'd like to see a schematic of this too!

Thanks for sharing.


 I can if I can figure out how to post it I'm new to posting a little patience with me . Jim  but till then just a battery 12 volts and an inverter to 110 a bridge rectifier. To get the positive 110 DC and several large motor capacitors the 3 to 450 range same uf's around 60 to 100 uf and a very good earth ground .the positive to the first cap the connection. The second cap to the first in series then the last cap wire to the amp meter then the other end of the amp meter lead to the earth ground. A leave the negative unconnected out of the way . all so don't use caps with internal bleeding resistors they will not work. Now turn on and watch the amp meter give it a minute then short out the caps with a screw driver or a  ,4 watt 120 volt light blub and repeat and watch the amp meter as the caps reload over and over I'm going to get several more truck battery's and set up a switching system to auto charge the batterys.may be this might help.         

         Battery ----Inverter--positive ---Cap----Cap-----amp meter---earth ground

More caps can be used but this shows it working the amp meters not lying the energy is coming from the earth DC doesn't go thru caps!  Hoble something together a take a look I will help as much as I can. Try using the Google translater my help Jim out


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