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Hi Guys,
have a look at this video where the Greek Inventor Petros Zografos has come
up with a revolutionary catalytic Microwave Pulse Generator Water Splitting method.
He only needs MilliWatts for the MicroWave Pulse Generator and has a virtual Electrode
in Saltwater or normal Tap water where it produces huge amounts of Hydrogen. not HHO.
With it he can run a Bike 100 % on water, no gasoline needed.
Also he has a newer device like a cold MHD generator or special selfmade Fuelcell,
where he directly converts the Hydrogen gas to Electricity again and can produce around 230 Watts
of electrical power from just filling water into his newer device.
It is just amazing.
Check this out:

Regards, Stefan.

His Youtube channel is:

where he was interviewed and showed his inventions on Live TV in Greece
with an experts audience where he was nailed with technical questions
from Skeptics, but he could convince them, that his technology is real.

His Website is:

It would really help, if some greek users could help to translate a few videos or write up
a summary about this catalytic process.
He seems to use some kind of metal Alloy like an Alloy with Aluminium or something light like this
which he puts in a glas tube and puts some kind like GigaHz or TerraHz RF pulses in a coil
around the glas tube where the metal alloy is in the water and then this splits the water immediately
with very little power for the pulse generator and producing lots of Hydrogen gas.
The Metal Alloy is only slowly consumed in this process  and lasts very long and is cheap,
so it is a very efficient process which will replace fossil fuels completely on the longer run...

Enjoy !

Regards, Stefan.

Here is more info:


Look at this video about starting at Minute 39:00

There he shows the basic principle by putting a little alloy metal plate into a glas tube with tap or saltwater
and then puts the glas tube into the horn of a microwave pulse generator. This Pulse generator is powered by 7.5 Volts
DC and uses only MilliWatts of power and then see, what big Hydrogen flame ge generates from it,
which has at least 500 or 1000 Watts of heat energy power production when burning.

Also as he can turn on and off the Microwave generator instantly, the Hydrogen production is really on demand
and needs no storage and can be easily switched off, so there are no dangerous storage amounts of Hydrogen
gas... you only need to carry water in your fuel tank !

This is simular to the Technology the late John Kanzius had invented in 2007, but he needed
about 500 Watts of 13.xx Mhz for a very small Hydrogen flame and his process thus was not overunity.
Unfortunately John Kanzius committed again to Chemotherapy instead of a RawFood diet which killed him with his
cancer illness... too bad..

But now Petros Zografos has found the breakthrough to split water with very low electrical input power.

Hope this helps to understand better the process behind it.
Regards, Stefan.

In this video he shows his water to direct Electricity converter:

Here only with one lamp and 2 DC fan motors,
but a later device like this can already produce
about 230 Watts, which seems to work
like a cold MHD generator a special fuel cell:

In this video he has as a load a Microwave oven, a Laptop PC
a Mixer and a few bulbs...and it is all powered by just a bit of saltwater
from the ocean (and probably a bit consumed metall alloy..)


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