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Author Topic: A new way to view energy in a coil.  (Read 3421 times)

Offline chuff1

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A new way to view energy in a coil.
« on: April 25, 2016, 02:42:00 AM »
Hello all,

     Last night I went down the rabbit hole, and come up with an interesting theory.
To start a little groundwork is needed to clarify the mechanics of the idea.  First thing
is if you were to put an ac or pulsed dc coil near a magnet or put a magnet on a core
it will hinder the magnetic field of the coil and draw more current from the source.
     Second, If you have a transformer the Primary will always be influenced by the back
E.M.F from the secondary when a load is put on said secondary, creating a magnetic field
in opposition to the primary's magnetic field.  These are universal laws which cannot be

     Now that being said, I have come to the conclusion that a coil in and of itself is a self
regulated device.  When you put energy into a coil it creates a magnetic field thereby
creating a situation where the energy of the coil cannot increase indefinitely because of
the magnetic field pushing back the electron flow. 

     To explain why an iron core increases the energy of a coil is simple based on this theory.
The magnetic field is Pulled away from the coils wire into the core thereby allowing more
energy to flow through the wire without hindrance.  If as we are taught, electrons flow
in a wire creating the magnetic field.  If you use a small wire ex.(24awg) then a small
amount of energy into the coil will push out the electrons at 90degrees to the flow of
electrons.  The current theory of energy is that magnetic fields store the energy in the
field not in the coil.  In addition a coil has a certain amount of capacity between turns,
with a dielectric of air and shellac in between each copper wire.  All the energy in the
coils stays put.

     A solution to the problem then lies in how do we eliminate the magnetic field to allow us
to put in as much energy into the coil as we can.  Tesla came up with the best solution,
which is to get as big of a diameter wire as possible and to use a low frequency to keep
the magnetic field low and the skin effect at a minimum.   He mentions this in the book,

     In that book he claims that the electromagnetic field is leakage and to keep it as low as possible. 
Also he claims that he doesn't know why others cannot get UN-damped waves from a coil when he has
no trouble and he uses the analogy of a bell being rung in mercury vs a vacuum. A vacuum is a reference
to the magnetic field that your coil operates in.

     This is the theory, let me know what you guys think.

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Offline shylo

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Re: A new way to view energy in a coil.
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2016, 11:03:59 AM »
Hi Chuff1, Thanks for that link ,I will read it later when I have time.
Coils are very peculiar ,  I feel the way things are is that, current designs only utilize part of what the coil dose.
Welcome to the forum.