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Author Topic: Need advice for the Joule thief curcuit of wireless transmission(for Over Unity)  (Read 7938 times)

Offline Nao

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I use two circuits called as "Joule thief circuit" and "tesla secret circuit".
"Joule thief circuit" and "tesla secret circuit" are used as the oscillation circuit and the receive circuit, respectively. 
I would like to improve these circuits in order to achieve Over unity.
In this concept, the oscillation circuit emits the electromagnetic wave(transversal wave and scalar wave) into the space and excite that. Then, the electromagnetic wave induces zero point energy of space, and the receive circuit gets the energy from the induced space. That is the concept of this experiment. Note that it is only my opinion and there is no evidence.
I think that the points of this circuit are geometrical shape and materials of antenna.
However, it doesn't achieve the Over unity.
I need your idea.
Could you give me your ideas?
(More detail is described in my web site:
Thank you.

The image of the circuits are shown in the attachment.
<About the circuit >
 In Fig.1.
    V1: 1.2 V battery(one dry cell)
    C1: 47μF electrolytic capacitor
    D1: blue-LED(Vf=3.3 V, If=30 mA, Iv=1600mcd)
    L1,L2: hand-rolled coils(bifilar wound coil)
    L3: 20 Ω resister(in Fig.1. the symbol is wrong.coil is not correct but resister is right.I will modify it soon...)
    Antenna: Antenna of this oscillation circuit.Wire is rolled into the shape called as "Flower of life".Please see the photo as follow.
 In Fig.2.
    C1,C2: 0.2 μF capacitor
    D1,D2,D3,D4: Zener diodes(germanium diode is also OK)
    C3,C4: 220 μF electrolytic capacitors
    Antenna: Metal plate is used as receive antenna.I tried to use water or many things as this antenna.
    Seed of life: Wire is rolled into the shape called "Seed of life".Please see the photo.