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Mr. Tesla_2006 alias Energetec (and other names) (he is from Chile) says he can build a MEG and he can sell it.
I order one MEG with cost of 100 USD for each KW. I had transfered the money per Western Union
(I know I'm stupied). After he get the money he never give me an answer and the MEG never comes.

Be careful !
PS. To Telsla_2006:  I will inform the police departement !

I agree, that is disgusting!  The more I dive into this community of "free energy" the more evidence I collect there are scam artists and disinformationist.

My friend, please do not allow these people to fend you off. Do not allow them to succeed!

We can trust companies such as Metglas, Hitachi, etc.  These are legitimate companies that sell products such as the Metglas core in Naudin's MEG.

Kind regards,
Paul Lowrance

Just come over this old topic, But this is always new to remind people esp those who are new!
Pls expose all their files and links so we all may know tham , esp his City name in Chile so we
may still be cautious and help those who need. Iknow many investors originally helpful, but
after being cheated and lose big $ in an innocent way they all give up!

We dont have a lot nice heart rich investors in this world. U dont want to broke their hearts and
kick them out not support this field with all the hard working folks!!!
Most of the riches learn only how to screw up the innocent publics!

One other thing we have to know, there are many school boys come in and they left because
they got hurt with pocket$ from parents.They all gone with their broken hearts.
Rascal like on youtube with should be nailed.
They want to cheat then we need to throw them to gabbage bin.
Clean Up this field so we nail whenever and whatever names they appear that we may
have more folks come in to play with pure hearts!!!

 I had high hopes for the Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell tech called picc and hafc being sold at some websites
but the more research i do the more concerned i was about their clams that this is a scam. I can find no evidence to back up their clams, no current users have come forward to validate if it works or not, does it? I just don't know. I have stopped payment on my check. The dealer says it does work with the proper installation and that I should pay for my own proof, which of course was the last straw for me. I was wrong to push this technology as valid without looking into it more closely and for that I do apologize.  I will not however stop trying to make hho gas enhancement work and build one that works :-[



Before investing money in anything one should simply insist
on a hands-off demonstration of the technology! Then get
ones own hands on the setup and try it oneself! (.) If people
did these things the world would be a much better place. If the
device at all violates known scientific laws, this is an experimental
proof and is absolutely mandatory. If it's patented, how does
one know the patent officier didn't decided the unit would
not make a nice footstool or boat anchor? Getting shafted
like this is tantamount to being unknowledgeable and damages
all parties.

Some people will go to almost any lengths to create a fake
technical demonstrations, think of that guy in florida who ran a
coaxial cable underneath a river to a boat so he could demonstate
his fake video modem...So as an investor; Always Be Careful.

The law says; You may not sell a product to the public without
an implicit guarantee of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose.

Also, It hard to understand why there are so many inoperable
HHO systems since this is fundamentally a very good idea,
even at standard faraday hydrogen evolution rates. I suspect
the working ones get harassed and the nonworking scam
ones don't.



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