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Author Topic: "ENERGY of FUTURE COMPANY"  (Read 14104 times)

Offline rakarskiy

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    • Free Energy Systems (UA)
« on: April 15, 2016, 03:21:11 PM »

This device is built on a simple principle, the motor-generator, presented by the authors in 2015
The device has no power supply, buffer storage and switching keys
The device turns the transparent base consisting of a stator and a rotor, bifilar coils and magnets with alternate poles

!!!!!!! ????????

Offline conradelektro

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« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2016, 07:28:03 PM »
Dear rakarskiy,

the devices in the videos which you cited in your posts above are all very good and deliver lots of free energy.

The world will be saved soon (but only if you are simple minded enough)!

Greetings, Conrad

Offline batfish

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« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2016, 01:31:20 PM »
As discussed above and (off topic) here , Infinity SAV have shown a motor generator . The salient features of the “1kW” model are as follows:

* the machine seems to have a stator with 50 coils arranged as 10 rows of 5 coils surrounding a a rotor with 55 magnets arranged as 11 rows of 5 magnets

* the coils appear to be air-core coils

* the machine is started without much force by turning the rotor axle between finger and thumb, and stopped again without much force by braking the rotor axle by pressing on it or gripping it between finger and thumb

* the control box is said to consist of an inverter and a micro computer controller board – perhaps something like an arduino

* there appears to be (or it is claimed that there is) no battery at all – not even a battery to run the control board

* early prototypes shown in Infinity SAV's Youtube video channel are structured as a simple stator with coils in a ring surrounding a rotor with magnets in a ring – the implication is that each row of coils in more complex later models is simply connected (whether in series or in parallel) so as to be equivalent to a single coil

* the rotor accelerates slowly and is said to reach about 6000 rpm – this and the ease with which it can be stopped suggests that the torque produced is not very great

* the electromagnetic effect of turning the rotor produces the force that keeps the thing going

* the same coils are used to produce the physical force that keeps the rotor turning and the electrical output that drives the control board and is passed as input to the inverter

* the air-core coils will not of themselves produce any cogging effect of attraction to the magnets

Assumptions and hypotheses:
* the effect of moving a magnet near a coil is to create an EMF in the coil (electromagnetic induction)

* if that EMF causes an electrical current to flow in the coil, the effect is to produce a magnetic force that opposes the motion which produced the EMF (Lenz law)

* such an EMF cannot produce a current unless the coil is connected to a complete electrical circuit, and so (presumably) until it does produce such a current it will produce no magnetic field and no force that opposes the motion that gives rise to it

* in the case of a magnet approaching and passing a coil, the EMF will reach a maximum at the point when the magnet is closest to the coil – at Top Dead Center (TDC)

* if the EMF in the coil is allowed to drive a current only at and immediately after TDC, it will produce a magnetic force that opposes the motion (towards the coil) that gave rise to it

* the initial effect of turning the rotor is to produce an increasing EMF in those coils which are being approached by a magnet

* the purpose of the control board is to permit a current to flow in each coil only as each magnet reaches TDC with respect to that coil so as to produce a force that drives the magnet away from the coil

* the initial voltage and current requirements of the control board must be small enough for it to be capable of operating when the machine is manually started

* the current that is fed to the inverter is the current which produces magnetic fields that would have opposed the motion of magnets towards coils and which does in practice assist the motion of magnets away from coils

* the magnets and coils are all arranged in the same way – that is to say all the magnets and all the coils have the same polarity

* the generator produces a fluctuating direct current – it may be that it must be started by turning it in the direction that produces a positive voltage and that it only works when turning in that direction

* EMF is measured as voltage, and Tesla wrote of voltage as pressure. On that basis the approach of a magnet to a coil connected to an open circuit increases EMF pressure and closing the circuit at TDC is equivalent to combustion at TDC for a piston – but the increase of EMF pressure without current produces no immediate opposing force

Is there anything drastically wrong with this reasoning? Perhaps it doesn't take sufficient account of the EMF produced as the magnet is moving away from the magnet, although that will decrease to zero as the magnet reaches the midpoint between two magnets.

Batfish - 1 June 2016

Offline rakarskiy

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« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2016, 08:49:21 AM »
In the final instance 55 (11 * 5) coils and twelve poles on the rotor

This is the details, all based on the same design with autorotation
The coils are made (with the author's words) bifilar manner.
Bifilyar convention, the coil has two separate windings in the inductive coupling. When this rule is not satisfied Lenz during operation with the magnetic flux.
Switching "bifilar coils" looks
But with such a switching rule Lenz will be executed, and the construction will stop.
If we apply the "Russian bifilyar" , the field will be on the induction Lenz ????  (in the attachment)
All those wishing to goodness and wisdom !!!!

Offline rakarskiy

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    • Free Energy Systems (UA)
« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2016, 10:18:54 AM »
Researcher Dmitry from Russia, virtually repeated the M-G Andrew Slobodyan. Applying his scheme, but retaining the principle of a closed circuit.

and Figure chart analysis from me.

Offline lancaIV

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« Reply #7 on: September 29, 2016, 10:55:25 AM »
Do you remeber the "Lutec"-device ?

-------------------------------- 1stage ~ 1 Zylinder  360°/1   phase~R in RPM
- -------------------------------2             2                360°/2   shift,here shaft, um(=circum)venting[/size]
-------------------------------- 3             3                360°/3
-------------------------------- 4             4                360°/4
-------------------------------- 5             5                360°/5

and so on

circrumventing barriers: 2 dimensional to 3/4 dimensional devices,modular
= ------------------------------------- stage 1
   ------------------------------------- stage 2 coupling

the ,yours,"wheel" concept so small,but I think you know greater "rotor/statot" devices:
                        very large expanded
also called "turbines" using the "turbo-lenz priciple" !
Why only "1 rotor(how many blades/Blaetter in german)-engine" ?
entering here:
compare this:                                                     winding force ?
with          winding force ?
and           winding force ?

                                                very large area/space expansion to very high -to shaft and rotation-compression
                                                                          diverter ?:  equalizer ? divider ?
this image,from you delivered, above represent the wheel-/turbine-concept circumventing magnets in linear position
like the Figuera-Buforn Jacas transformer

its represents a couple of electro- and/or permanent magnets:

the question as rotational -motor/conventional generator device :
from M=middlepoint(shaftcenter)  r=radius d=diameter from the real/virtual wheel ? inside area ?
inside area ,in german called: Mantelflaeche ,Mantel(as physics idiom ,not -directly,but also- collar ~ cover,meaning)in english ?
( for re-/searcher probably of interest :Prantl,Magnus,Coriolis)

but making this discurs shorter and imaginable:
going to the world-wide mankind com(m)ercial ideas heritage archiv called :
you/the re-/searcher will find ,related SYNERGIE/SYNERGY,by the inventor Oskar Becker
several solutions,with his own evolution steps,of(f)ered !

the magnets couple on a greater wheel ,diameter f.e. 1 mtr., and not using only 1 wheel,but a wheel-battery,battery~ several 2,3,4,...... wheels but with only 1 shaft
                                                   variation possibilities
wheel-/rotor numbers,magnets numbers per wheel,electro-or/and permanent magnets , each em/pm magnetic Tesla-force,wheel/rotor-diameter,ccw or cw roting,horizontal or vertical position,wheel-device material, output kinetic and kinetic force use,output kinetic and couple with generator for electric conversion,couple with generators on each shaft north/south side  et ..... cetera

The Clou,the nature trick ?
Probably inside this other german inventor publication(I give it google translated,with all automatic machine hints of wrong -senseless-translation)

Great rotoric wheel and small rotoric wheel

One Life CLOU is : to listen to the outside radio (and then the inside radio) RADIOMETRIE
!!!!!!! [/size]?? +/- german emoj translation: Huch,nix verstaehn ! Watt nu los,against all my dogma !
                               DOGMA and DOMINION: you belongs bodily and mentally whom ?
                                      SELF-DECISION SEEMS SOMETIMES VERY HARD
« Last Edit: September 29, 2016, 01:19:01 PM by lancaIV »

Offline KSPER

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« Reply #8 on: December 30, 2017, 01:22:10 PM »
hello rakarsky!

i follow the link of the patent from slobodan andrew and the magnetic motor,re wound my 8 coils at the same way explained into the patent...
before i use still bifilar coils but wound together,the result was not really good...the rotor tune only 1 with this new arrangment,it turn 3,40 minute and give 2 times more voltage than with the first way of winding ..before i get 1 volt max,NOW I HAVE 3,9 volt when i start it by is sure there is a good progress by following the patent indications,but.... it cannot turn alone at the moment,i think there is something to change into the organisation of magnets on the rotor...what do you think about it? in other words,i mean i can get highter energy with very less mechanic torque ,by using the way of winding the coils as it is show into the patent link,i think (stop me if am wrong) even as it is right now,if i could coupling it mecanicely (by belt)to an asynchronous motor,it could allready give benefits? the fact to cancel 100% of the magnetic break of each coils seems to be a barrier that is falling down,isnt it??

another point i can clean up: the way of connection of coils that is  propose on the shematic in color doesn not work: it create to much drag and fell down the time of rotation at 9 poor seconds,so the electric connexion show is not the good,in order to cancel the "magnetic break" of each coils,is to "short cut" between them the + and the - of a side of each coils,thats the best i found out to cancel the magnetic opposite field on my table top .... :) witche allow me to access at 3,40 minute of rotation global...

-is this patent complete?? i mean,there is only one page (i tranlate all the text on it allready),but nothing is explain about magnets agencement around the rotor?

i can just confirm something: tesla compared voltage as a pressure: the more there is a huge voltage,the more it turns for a long time,it is completly true ,i checked it those last days... i think am not so far to get the goal,and i think ,because now my coils are winding with the good way,there is only a modification to do about the magnets on the rotor,because i tried the arrangment indicate on the shematic of the patent (switchicg north/south) and it does not work...i re used my own organisation of magnet witche consist to a complete unbalanced/balanced arrangment of weight and polority and then,i access by it at 3.40 minute of rotation non stop....

my question is: what type of arrangment with magnet could i try again,if we considere that the coils are winding in the absolute and ultim good one? result is allready impressiv if i compare it with my first winding coils,indeniabely it bring something definitly better to this table top...but still not enough..

well,if we can discuss about it,could be cool,and lotta thanks for your help!

Offline KSPER

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« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2018, 03:36:51 PM »
hello,is there somebody to check the post here or not????

i posted a first post here couple of days ago and still no checked by moderators,why??????

to continue with this subject:

-i can tell now,the disposion of magnet on the shematic is wrong too: by putting magnets in switching face (north,south,north,south...) it produce less electricity than when all magnets are facing only north forget the switching mode,it is useless.
the only true stuff of the shematic is the embobinment in switching coil forms,it really works! before doing it,my motor turned only 1 minute,now it turns in an average of 5 minutes/5 minutes 30 sec!....this arrangment of coil is perfect and true,it avoid lenz law completly,no cogging and no drag anymore....about the voltage getting out,before it was only 2 volt at the biginning with a maximum speed,now it is about 21 volt when i start it...!

-by winding coil the way of the patent,things change drastiquelly:
  1) negation complete of lenz law
  2) rising up of the voltage output
  3) the circuit is open,you get the max voltage between the 2 last point (logical)
  4)no cogging
  5)no electro magnetic drag by leting the circuit open and produce a difference of potencial between the first point and the last one.
  6)when i closed up the circuit,a magnetic break appears (lentz law is back)
  7)by this winding arrangment,possibility to create a big amount of energy,with a minimum mechanic force involved (witche fit perfectly with what "gary tripp" from sav infinity is talking about in his videos plus on the papers of sav team avalable to read on internet--->quote:"if it can run 5 minute on his own energy,then it can run forever"---->my sample work an average of 5 minute as i allready wrote just before)
 -by coupling a bigger system mechaniquely (belt for exemple),to a normal asynchronous motor,according to the fact that less force is involved to give a bigger amount of energy if compare to a "classic" alternator,benefit can be crazy (i guess so)

Offline Pixy

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« Reply #10 on: March 17, 2018, 10:39:46 PM »
Your result's are amazing! Strange that no one responded to your post. Is it possible to know the exact link of the patent you mention to copy the wingdings of the coils?
Can you write the specifications of your replication (the number of turns and the thickens of the coils, magnet dimensions, rotor diameter, ...)?

Thank you for the fantastic news!

All the best

Offline KSPER

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« Reply #11 on: May 14, 2018, 02:56:00 PM »

well,i finally realise a big prototype of 60 biffilars coils,60 magnets neodyum(for a total of 5 km of wire of gauge 24),the result is here but not complete: YES the avoiding of lentz law is okay and still here,no probleme with it: just by pushing the tree by hands of the rotor,i get allready 190 volt AC,still no cogging at all,this first part is okay but.....

without "but" it would be too much simple right? so this is clear lentz law is completly avoided by bifilar coils whoever,the lentz law is back when i connect a load on the generator,the voltage colapse as well and i still cannot loop my creation on his own motor...but i noticed a special stuff that is happening when i press the loop button of my system while the generator is producing 240 volt AC: for one second,the voltage go to 300 volt then collapse and the system stop....pretty interresting right? i think so...means something weird happend while the loop button is pressing,i still cannot explain this phenomena but what i can say is that there is a peak of energy for 1 second after switching the loop button....i tried several mix of etagment of transmission as well (pulley and belt),the best ratio at the moment i tape this message is 1 for 2 ,IS THE WAY OF allowing the generator to turn quicker....

in those first test,i tryed this configuration of coils connections: i have 5 sections of 12 coils eachs,so those 12 coils were connected all in series,and same way for the 4 other sections composing my big stator...but the back emf  (lentz law) appeared straightly by connecting a simple proposition is now to connect the 60 coils ALL in series from the first of the first stator section til the last one of the last stator section,in order to rise by 4 (after calculed) the amount of voltage out...perhaps by getting a highter voltage out,then by connecting loads,i suppose the back emf would be reduce drastiquely cause the behavior of the stator with that way could radicaly being changed and i expect less magnetic brake so less lentz law back....hopefully...

my feeling is just that am not so far,but it still miss something,whoever this arrangment of opposing bi filar coils really do the job: small mecanic force for producing a nice amount of energy....who ever,there is something else more,that allow to looped such this kind of system.... i have the tool of comprehension,but i still search......

i fight harder with the magnets as well,i searched for month THE good glue that do the job,i have it now....several magnet allready get away at full speed,but because of the way of construction of my stator,nothing can be destroyed,did not do it on purpose but happy with it... about bearing,i created a new type of bearing box that is not existing : it allow the replacment without opening completly the generator,witch is relly new i think...anyway,i just wanna get the loop point...


Offline Love_Technology

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« Reply #12 on: November 13, 2018, 07:51:22 PM »
Hello guys,

Do you know the deflection angle?

Within the bifilar coil. Are the 2 coils electric connected from each other or are they electrically insulated from each other?

Do we have a patent link for this motor generator?

THE good glue that do the job
Hi KSPER, which glue did you use?


Offline adilson

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« Reply #13 on: January 19, 2021, 03:02:29 PM »
Can you help me?
What is the number of COIL WIRES?
How many meters? or turns