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Author Topic: Where Is My Bloom Energy Server?  (Read 10262 times)


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Re: Where Is My Bloom Energy Server?
« Reply #15 on: August 06, 2022, 11:51:43 PM »
The fuel can be produced and/or stored on-site instead of receiving it from the utility companies.   By doing this, then it will destroy their monopoly.  You're absolutely correct, they're not going to give up their strangle hold without a fight. 


That might be possible in some circumstances like a dairy farm or a landfill.  The feedstock and water needed are just not there in urban environments.

Robert Murray-Smith uploaded a video on the replication of a "Paper Battery As Powerful As an AA and Activated by Water".

This Paper Battery uses a homemade ink that is painted on both sides of the paper.  The ink on one side (anode) of the paper has a different formula than the ink on the other side (cathode) of the paper.  This is the same principal used in the Bloom Energy Server.  Instead of painting the inks on both sides of the paper, the Bloom Energy Server paints the inks on both sides of a peace of ceramic wafer that is made by baking sand.  The composition of the inks used in the Bloom Energy Server is not known and is called a special "sauce" by K.R. Sridhar.

In the Bloom Energy Server, passing oxygen over the cathode side and a fuel, such as hydrogen or a gas, on the anode side produces electricity!  The ink on the cathode side of the Paper Battery will more than likely work in the Bloom Energy Server.  However, the zinc in the ink on the anode side is consumed during discharging of the Paper Battery.  Thus, the anode ink will not work in the Bloom Energy Server. If you don't ask the right questions, then you won't get the right answers.  K.R. Sridhar has said that Solar can be used.  This is extremely important in unraveling his secret sauce for the Bloom Energy Server.  How can you pass solar heat over the anode side to produce electricity?  Passing heat over the anode side won't produce an electrical current.

A single gas-powered generator can produce as much as 100 times more carbon monoxide than a car’s exhaust.  Robert Murray-Smith released another video titled "Fuel From The Air".  This video explains how Cerium Oxide as the anode ink (glass polishing powder) catalyzes the carbon dioxide from the air and water vapor into carbon monoxide and hydrogen to produce a syngas.  We already have carbon monoxide directly from the gas-powered generator and the carbon dioxide from the air will be catalyzed into more carbon monoxide while producing an electrical current in the fuel cell.  Passing this syngas over cobalt will drip kerosene/jet fuel!  Below is an image of what the syngas can be converted into!  This is a net carbon neutral fuel cell!