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Author Topic: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  (Read 2190 times)

Offline blueplanet

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
« on: February 03, 2018, 03:24:16 PM »
One member of this forum has mentioned that he is being troubled by his Chronic Fatigue Symdrome (CFS). For some unknown reasons, I could not post any message in his thread.[/size] 

I had a very severe form of CFS 25 years ago but I eventually fixed my own problem. As a survivor of CFS, I can share my findings with those in need of help.
First of all, most of CFS cases are related to heavy metal poisoning, particularly mercury poisoning. The following substances may help:

1) Colloidal gold :
Colloidal gold can give a short-time relief because gold can form alloy with mercury. But the problem can recur unless all the gold/mercury alloy residues in the body are eliminated. Also, colloidal gold can cause liver injury if there exit any trace of gold ions in the colloidal gold solution.

2) DMSA and Iodine/ALA/DMSO combo:
DMSA can chelate inorganic mercury very effectively. However, in most cases, it is the organic mercury that causes chronic illnesses. The mixture of iodine, alpha lipoic acid and DMSO can help eliminate organic mercury to some extent.

The following substances will worsen the CFS problem:

1) Any form of mercury:
Toxic mercury can remain in our body in three forms, namely, elemental mercury, inorganic mercury and organic mercury. The elimination half-life of organic mercury is 36 years. If you have eaten fish, any other kind of sea-foods or any skeletal tissues from animals, the organic mercury from these items will bio-accumulate in the central nervous system for at least 30+ years. Eventually, the over-accumulated mercury will manifest as chronic fatigue, ear ringing, memory loss, mental illnesses, etc.  Inorganic mercury can remain in the body for about half a year but the bacteria in our body can convert inorganic mercury into organic mercury to some extent. There is no way out as long as there remains organic mercury in the central nervous system.

2) Calcium:
We have been brain-washed to believe that our body need calcium and therefore we need to take supplemental calcium or drink more milk. Calcium is undoubtedly important for the growth of muscle fibers and skeletal tissues. Unfortunately, calcium is also the cause of heart diseases, irregular heart beat, stroke, bone fracture and fatigue.

In the absence of any magnesium, calcium nano crystals will not stick well with each other. Free inorganic calcium ions can strengthen the bone and muscle with the help of vitamin C. In the worst scenario, however, they can thicken the blood, raise the blood pressure, block the blood flow and make the body more tired.

Most of the store-bought vitamin or mineral tablets have calcium filler. I would avoid them at all costs.

The following habits will worsen the CFS problem:[/size]

1) smoking (including passive smoking)[/size]

2) physical love

More to come...

Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 03:43:17 PM »
Many people also suffer from CFS after major changes in diet.

For instance, a heavy coffee drinker who stops,
or someone who intakes a lot of sugar, then reduces it in their diet drastically.
are two obvious cases,

But the same can occur when a person decides to go completely vegan,
or completely paleo (protein/Watkins)
Quits smoking, or taking heavy medication/drugs

Basically, identifying major changes to what we put into our bodies can help
to understand the strain we put on ourselves.

More often than not, here is a period of "adjustment", then we recover.